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Flux is hiring great people to help take the hard out of hardware
👋 About Flux
While software development tools have come a long way in the past 30 years, electronics design tools are clunky, uncollaborative, and still stuck in the past. Ask any electronics engineer, they know.

, we are building an intuitive real-time web-based collaboration platform to take hardware design into the future. Our first product is going to revolutionize the electronics prototyping and design workflow!

For the impatient: You can find our open roles at the end of the document, however I’m convinced you will love the full read! 🚀

👨‍🎤 About Our Team
We love building things! After getting frustrated with the clunky existing toolchain for electronics design, we started Flux. We wanted something that’s collaborative, and helps getting things done, so engineers can seamlessly build better hardware together.

The Flux founding team has worked at Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Salesforce, Pixar and NASA on hardware and software projects. Our CTO Chris, led the Apple SPG Vehicle Dynamics Simulation Team. Lance, our head of UI/UX worked on hardware-in-the-loop simulation at NASA and Lenovo, as well as on drone hardware and flight software. Our CEO Matthias, has a mixed hardware/software background and most recently worked as a product lead on new sharing products at Facebook. He also created the Crazy Frog ringtone, which generated $700M in revenue and dethroned Coldplay from the top of the UK Charts.

We are a fully remote team (and always will be), spread across five continents and five countries! This means that we don’t have hard schedules, and instead give each other the freedom to have the most impact.

❤️ Our Values
- We focus on challenges that will have the most outsized impact.
- We set our sights and MOVE FAST towards our goals.
- We are insatiable curious and always value new approaches. Good ideas always win at Flux and no one has a monopoly on good ideas.
Risk Taking
- We wake up ready to give our all and fail; we believe that you're guaranteed to fail if you don't take any risks, so we’d rather go out fighting!
- We support each other and share ownership of our challenges and rewards. We are in this together, always.
- We work hard to make sure everyone on the team has access to as much information as possible about every part of the company so they can make the best decisions and have the greatest impact.
Customer Obsession
- We constantly listen to customers, and then continuously build our products to solve their gnarliest problems.
💪 Your Impact
We attract problem solvers and big thinkers. Join us to:
Shape the direction & focus of our products
Scale our fully cloud based tech stack beyond thousands of users
Solve real time syncing, from conflict resolution to instant rendering
Develop our culture and values
Create the engineering tools you always wanted
Implement machine learning systems
Dream big!
🙌 Our Impact (so far)
Some of the things we’ve already accomplished for our users in under a year:
Build a High performance, interactive, and multiplayer editor
Lined up 1000s of engineers on our private beta list
Github-style version control system that lets users edit and sync changes in real time automatically - ditch the “git commit”
Build the worlds first user programmable always-live Electronics Circuit Simulator
Largest public electronics component community
A top notch CI system with live deployment that takes writing tests off your hands
Open Roles
Below are our current job openings. If the roles below don’t fit you, we’d still love to have you in our network for upcoming opportunities. To get in touch, simply reach out to and tell us a little about yourself!



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