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Video Assets

At Underscore we outsource some of our video editing. So we created a turn-key tutorial on how to edit video in an on-brand fashion!

Included in the video production toolkit:
Intro/outro video bookends
The brand font
Logos and icons to display in the corners of the video
Two lower-third options (light/dark)

Video Editing Tutorial

What does success look like?

Below are links to examples of videos we’ve created that we love - You should aspire to this level of production value. Not all of them follow the same template, but they’re strong examples.
<< Predominantly what we are creating.
⬆️ Replace with examples from your brand.
Below are links to videos with a production level that we aspire to - if you can help get us there, you’ll forever be a rockstar in our eyes!
⬆️ Replace with examples of what YOUR brand aspires to.

Now let’s dig into it! Here’s what you’ll need to succeed:

Underscore Brand Guidelines (explore via left hand column) - Give them a quick look before you begin.
Brand Assets Folder - All the brand assets you’ll need to complete the project!
Audio/Video/Transcript Assets - These will be provided to you.

Video Editing Tutorials (Adobe Premiere Pro)

To ensure your success and a smooth process, we’ve created a few video editing tutorials that will make certain that you’re able to produce what we’re looking for in a timely fashion. Note that the assets you’re using are in some cases are not the ones used in the video - these are meant to be instructional. (PW: “xxxx”) and specific items are linked below:
⬇️ This is where we link out to PW protected videos that give instructions on how to edit video!
Example Video
Adding Intro Video & Audio
Sync Audio Video
Adjust Audio As Needed 
Scale Video to 1080p
Resize & Crop - See the “3 Golden Rules of Cropping” below!
Jump Cut
Edit Lower Third & Add to Video
Lower Third
Adding Video Outro
Adding Background Audio
Edit Captions
Export Video
Watermark Placement

The 3 Golden Rules of Cropping:

1. Breathing Room - Don’t crop your subject’s face so close to the edge that it creates a feeling of claustrophobia.
2. Don’t Cut off Limbs - Avoid cropping people’s limbs at the joint. It creates an awkward visual effect.
3. Crop out Distracting or Unnecessary Details - Pay close attention to the edges of the photo and crop out unpleasant/distracting visuals.
BONUS: Read about the golden ratio or the rule of thirds, it's the basis for all things visually appealing:

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