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IJM Canada Firestarters

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Thank you for joining us in the fight for justice. IJM Firestarters is an initiative that empowers youths and their parents to make a difference in the world by becoming an advocate, raising awareness and participating in fundraising efforts to join the fight against human trafficking and slavery.


Speaker Announcement:

Alison Hardman serves as IJM Canada’s Director of Development and Mobilization. She served 7 years at a large church in Ontario, and previously at various charities in the GTA. She also has over 15 years of experience in fundraising.
Dr. Justin Dennison a retired doctor by profession and also an experienced Pastor and Counselor with a history of working within various religious institutions. Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Bible Teaching, Life Coaching, Team Building, Empowering and Equipping Others.


Firestarters Launch

On Monday, April 15th, 2024, Firestarters with IJM Staff met for an hour over Zoom to engage with our Guest Speaker - Julianne Healey. She is the Senior Lead for the Development team at IJM Canada. She has a bachelor's in criminology, and is a really good coach.
Julianne gave a powerful coaching session for our Firestarters with a visual presentation of a Venn-diagram on how we need to find our purpose, by understanding “what I love, what are my strengths, what the world needs and what I get paid” to analyze our Calling, Cause, Potential and Career. Her experience in discovering and identifying her strength was grounding and encouraging to all. She also shared her recent visit to the field and how that impacted her outlook on life personally and professionally.
This was a virtual event, so you can view the Zoom recording to hear from our Guest Speaker and our engaging Q&A session.

Read Stories of Rescue

Courageous survivors persevere through the darkest horrors to find hope and healing. Together, you can support a child survivor of trafficking through school, provide a survivor with therapy, or even fund an entire rescue operation. about the specific opportunities to provide needed rescue and restoration to vulnerable people around the world.

TED talk by IJM’s founder, Gary Haugen

The poor are facing a constant threat of violence, but the world has done almost nothing to protect them. It’s time to rethink poverty, he says, and to make the violence stop.

Share about Firestarters with a friend

Bi-monthly Zoom meeting will connect you with IJM staff, to learn more about human trafficking and slavery and hear from a guest speaker.
For youths under age 16, please have a parent or legal guardian with you as parental/guardian consent is required before you can participate in any activities organized by Firestarters.
, if they are interested and want to know more.
* Due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter of slavery and violence, Firestarters is intended for ages 13 years and above.
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If you want to , sign up to participate- in your favorite dress or tie - with the Dressember race team!

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