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Email Campaign Examples

Below you'll find examples of some of the email campaigns we've done in the past.

Brand Announcement (New Partnership)

This is an example of a fully designed announce email. For this email, the brand provided the product images and we designed the rest in-house.

New Product Announcement

For product announcements, we love to coordinate with your announcement schedule as much as possible. If you have a new release coming down the pipeline, please keep us in the loop!


Sales usually run from 12am on the start date to 11:59pm on the end date. Start and stop times can be adjusted by request.
To start a sale, all we need are:
the SKUs you'd like to discount
the discount you'd like to give (either flat amount or percentage)
when you'd like to run the sale (date and time please)

Holiday Notification

More Involved:

Digital Demo campaign

For this campaign, Potli recorded the videos and then sent them to us for editing and publishing. They were originally published on our IGTV. Here is the direct link to the first video in the trio:
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