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Save Okavango Delta • Amplification Toolkit


Tweets to amplify

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Sample Tweets

Feel free to copy and modify these or simply click-to-tweet.

The Okavango Delta is both a @UNESCO World Heritage Site and a @RamsarConv Wetland of International Importance. ReconAfrica’s drilling will put this irreplaceable biodiversity hotspot at risk! #SaveOkavangoDelta #StopReconAfrica

In the midst of the sixth mass extinction, ReconAfrica is willing to put one of the most biodiverse places in Africa and the site of one of the greatest gatherings of wildlife on Earth at risk in order to profit! #SaveOkavangoDelta #StopReconAfrica @UNBiodiversity

In the middle of a climate emergency, ReconAfrica is trying to profit off of new fossil fuels in a region that is and will be one of the most severely impacted places on the planet by the climate crisis. #StopReconAfrica #KavangoAlive

As climate activists worldwide try to fight for a livable planet, ReconAfrica has decided to try to cash-in last minute on brand new fossil fuels inside a climate change hotspot. #StopReconAfrica #FightFor1Point5 #KavangoAlive

As people around the world push their governments to move away from fossil fuels as quickly as possible, @Recon_Africa has decided to try to get rich off of the very things that are destroying the life-giving climate systems of our planet! #StopReconAfrica #FightFor1Point5

@Recon_Africa plans to blow through our already fast disappearing carbon budget on a brand new project and is drilling inside a climate change hotspot! #KeepItInTheGround #StopReconAfrica #SaveOkavangoDelta

The climate emergency and sixth mass extinction are here, yet global leaders still fail to address the companies planning to make things worse for profit. @JustinTrudeau @cafreeland #StopReconAfrica #KeepItInTheGround #SaveOkavangoDelta #CorporateGreed

@Recon_Africa is planning on releasing enormous amounts of CO2 with their project with no regard for the climate crisis or how it is already affecting lives where they are trying to drill and around the world. #StopReconAfrica #KeepItInTheGround #KavangoAlive #FightFor1Point5

Canada is not only failing to fight climate change at home, but has allowed this new fossil fuel company to drill in one of the most affected parts of the world by the climate crisis. @JustinTrudeau @JonathanWNV @MarcGarneau #StopReconAfrica

ReconAfrica wants to drill for oil within the Cubango-Okavango River Basin and by the Okavango River, upstream of the world-famous Okavango Delta. This will put the water of countless people and wildlife at risk! #SaveOkavangoDelta #StopReconAfrica #WaterIsLife

Namibia is already the driest country in Sub-Saharan Africa. @Recon_Africa’s plans put the already scarce water resources at serious risk of contamination and depletion. #WaterIsLife #StopReconAfrica #KavangoAlive

@Recon_Africa isn’t telling local communities the whole extent and implications of their project with their piece-by-piece tactics, but advertises to investors that the project will be huge! @CORE_Ombuds #StopReconAfrica #KavangoAlive

Did you know Canadian company #ReconAfrica is drilling without properly informing and consulting with all the local communities? @JustinTrudeau @MarcGarneau @mary_ng #StopReconAfrica #SaveOkavangoDelta

Canada’s @CORE_Ombuds needs to have the power to investigate companies like #ReconAfrica when they don’t follow the rules. #EmpowerCORE #Canada #CorporateAccountability #StopReconAfrica

Countries like Canada have a duty to those in most affected areas in the Global South to finance sustainable energy development. Instead they let @Recon_Africa buy up a whole new oil basin for the vast majority of the profits! @karinagould #StopReconAfrica #PayYourClimateDebt

#Canada must help finance renewable energy development in developing, most affected areas as part of its #ClimateFairShare. Allowing companies like @Recon_Africa to make the climate crisis worse is a violation of climate justice! @karinagould @cafreeland #PayYourClimateDebt #MAPA

Endangered African wild dogs are extremely sensitive to habitat fragmentation according to @IUCN. So why is @Recon_Africa allowed to open up a sedimentary basin within their habitat? #StopReconAfrica #KavangoAlive #Biodiversity

The Okavango Delta is a haven for a wealth of biodiversity. No amount of money is worth risking Africa’s irreplaceable wildlife. @karinagould @JustinTrudeau @JonathanWNV #SaveOkavangoDelta #StopReconAfrica

Neocolonialist companies from the Global North like @Recon_Africa take advantage of poverty and claim to be bringing development but will be reaping the lion’s share of the profits and none of the environmental consequences. #StopReconAfrica #SaveOkavangoDelta #CorporateGreed

Companies like @Recon_Africa like to flaunt their small gestures to local people in their PR, while hiding the serious risks to the water, wildlife, & the fact that they will get most of the profit! #StopReconAfrica #SaveOkavangoDelta #WaterIsLife

Make your own!

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Questions to ask ReconAfrica

Ask ReconAfrica (
) for a list of all the consultations they have done with the dates and locations to be verified, because some people have been asking for that and haven’t got answers.

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