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Ratify Paris // Parisi Onayla

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Ratify Paris [ENG]


Hello there!

Welcome to the English page for people outside of Turkey who would like to take action for and learn about the Ratify Paris Campaign! Despite signing the Paris Agreement on the 22nd of April 2016, Turkey has not ratified this international document as of July 2021. Limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees C requires international collaboration; any effort towards ambitious climate policy is crucial, which is why we must pressure leaders to act according to the science!
We must demand fair action from the Turkish government through taking actions ourselves. We at Fridays For Future Digital have accumulated many, quick digital actions you can take! From sample tweets to email templates to petitions to phone numbers you can call, there is so much you can easily get involved in.
We urge you to share these resources to your loved ones and spread the message! Together we demand that the Turkish government take the climate crisis seriously.
Check out the Information section for some discussion on the Paris Agreement, Turkey’s current climate policy and situation, why we fight for 1.5, and the history of Turkey and the Paris Agreement. Following that, check out the Take Action subpages, which feature different ways you can request that the Turkish government ratifies Paris as someone from outside Turkey.

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