Racial Justice Toolkit

Environmental Racism

Environmental Racism is an aspect of systemic racism in which marginalised and impoverished populations are consistently exposed to less hospitable environmental conditions than the populations in power, or with more wealth.

“Though wealthy, developed nations like the U.S. emit larger amounts of GHG per capita, developing nations experience the worst effects of climate change relative to wealthier countries due to their limited resources and ability to adapt”
U Michigan

Aspects of Environmental Racism

Affect on Health of Marginalized Communities

Affect on Climate Crisis and Pollution

Combating Environmental Racism


Cancer Valley:
Cancer Valley is a region in the U.S. south. It is inhabited by mostly low-income black and brown communities, and is well known for having very little restrictions on air, water, and sediment pollution, as well as a multitude of harmful industrial facilities and factories. Its namesake is a result of unnaturally high cancer rates in the area.

Niger River Delta:
Many oil companies, such as french company TOTAL or Royal Dutch Shell have drilling and oil refinement operations in the Niger river delta. Local populations see drastic degrading in the environment as a result of crude oil leakage, geographic disruption, and chemicals and fumes used in drilling, but no economic benefits as only the nigerian government receives meager payment for the occupation, which the people never see.

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