Environmental Racism

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Africa is not a dumpster!

Currently, the US, through a US-Kenya Trade Deal, is attempting to negotiate for U.S. plastic waste to be exported to Kenya. The idea that there is a need for a recycling market in Kenya, as a hub for Africa. The American Chemistry Council members including Shell, Exxon, have been pushing the U.S. negotiators to make Kenya loosen her strict plastic ban since 2017.
Kenya has already made significant progress on commitments to eliminate most plastics from the economy. However, if this trade deal goes through, and if the parties allow for U.S. plastics to be dumped in Kenya, this will be a beginning of a calamity not just in Kenya but across Africa. We need to demand for the negotiations to respect the Kenyan people, and to ensure all protocols are met for mutual inclusivity, as well as respect for the environment.
On the inauguration of the Biden-Harris administration on the 20th of January, 2021 we must demand that the Kenya - U.S. trade deal be overturned. We must press for the new U.S. administration to adhere to our demand that Africa Is NOT a Dumpster.
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