Prejudice, Discrimination, Oppression, Bigotry & How to be an Ally

Sexism, Misogyny, Patriarchy

The general section needs sources for info on general topics like representation, how patriarchy manifests in the 5 levels of oppression, objectification, microaggressions, stereotypes, double standards
It should have very general resource links in the first page and have sub pages for issues
history of sexism, misogyny, patriarchy, and feminism across the world
Sub-sections on gender roles, intersectionality, toxic masculinity, male fragility intersectionality with the climate crisis
Resources for women/femmes
Section out the resources by type: social media posts, articles, videos, websites, etc.
Get rid of the long paragraphs and replace with links
Highlight the difference of struggles between women/femmes in the global north and those in the global majority
Split it up by the 5 levels of oppression
keep section on how to be an active feminist, how women/femmes can support each other

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