Coping Strategies


The body is the mirror of the soul

When we are not feeling well, our body responds to that immediately. For example, when we are feeling stressed heat waves, an increased heart rate, insomnia and other syptoms might occur. This is the same for every other emotion and not limited to only negative ones. When we are in love, for example, it can feel like we have butterlfies in our tommy. It is clear that our body mirrors out mental state.
The point is that this does also work the other way round:
So, what exactly does that mean? Basically, just as your body in being influced by your psyche, you can influence your psyche by using your body. This is also the reason exercise can hepl if you aren’t in a good place mentally. But it can even be way easier to change your mood than simply doing exercises. For instance, if you are in a bad mood it becomes way harder to maintain that mood if you are constantly walking upright. Suddenly, your body posture and your feeling don’t match anymore - unless one of them changes. You can’t actively decide how you want to feel, but you can decide about the way you want to stand for sure.

You can influence your mood and emotions by changing you body posture. Even an uncomfortable fake smile can help to shift your mood - even if it doesn’t feel like it first.

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