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We are all proud of you and remember it takes time.
What’s Eco-anxiety?
As climate activists, we’re increasingly aware of the climate crisis, and the drastic effects of pollution, the spread of disease, and food scarcity. However, while you guys are all incredible activists, sometimes we can all suffer from . “Eco-anxiety” refers to persistent worries about the future of Earth, life on Earth, and the climate disasters that come with it 😢
Tips for Managing Eco-Anxiety
For many people action can help with eco-anxiety, but for others this quickly becomes too overwhelming.
Talk to people, reach out to friends and fellow activists and voice your worries, talking often relieves some of the weight and feeling that you are dealing with this on your own
Take time away from the climate crisis and spend time doing things you enjoy. It’s ok to have fun!
Do some meditation, stretch, go for a walk or exercise - talking time for yourself is important and can act as a distraction or help ground you in times of high anxiety
If possible take a walk or spend time in nature
GET OFF TWITTER - social media is a really overwhelming place, so taking a break even for 30 minutes can be really helpful to destress and ground yourself
Climate anxiety resources:
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