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PRD Sample - Mobile Phone eContact Card

Let's align team collaboratively to launch a mobile e-contact record .vcf feature in Kitual.
Author: Fennel Doyle
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PRD for Kitual eKidCard


Target Audience

User Type A ) Parents - adults with children as dependents, who may have their kid(s) go with inner circle of friends or family or hire childcare help, for child supervision.
User Type B ) Childcare Group - is a disparate village of (~5-7) people and/or (~5/7) places who may supervise child, and provide childcare.
This Kitual feature is designed to satisfy User Type A, parents who ~ 80% iPhone users.
This new responsive application capability allows an authenticated Kitual user account owner (who is typically the primary care giver, “mom” head of household) to export & download a mobile e-contact card (vCard).
This Kitual-generated vCard file can be saved to the parent’s personal cell & shared as a regular mobile e-contact card with anyone. Moms should be able to send a contact card that is prepopulated with details about their child, so that the parent can inform recipients about “In Case of Emergency Contacts” details in 1 click, via their native Contacts app.
Who is experiencing this problem? Be as specific as possible.

Problem overview

Details belong in mobile Contact Card:
Many American parents know how to share mobile native contact records, and have a working WiFi mobile device. Being forced to be a poor performing on demand scribe sets up parents to fail. Why not equip parents with a mobile phone contacts record for each child? The mobile contact record is the main touchpoint where people connect nearly 96% of the time. Contact records are highly interoperable, reliable, device agnostic, and enable the childcare details to be delivered more successfully.
Parents do not have vital info at their finger tips today. There are massive communication flaws with childcare givers. We are in a new “famtech” era that can benefit from automated workflows. Overall, the lack of childcare infrastructure and services is problematic and felt repeatedly in everyday family life by parents.
Expedite repetitive childcare onboarding admin check in:
Recent user research sessions showed that parents often skip sharing contact details at child care check because it is cumbersome and time consuming (e.g., too much of a time drag to manually share logistically complete answers). Currently, parents do NOT have a steadfast way to share detail intensive “need to knows” with trusted adults easily and quickly.
eKidCards contain the anticipated NEED TO KNOW in case of emergency details. Creating a GO TO simple logistical reference Contact eKidCard in their (ever present) mobile device is a great way to alleviate parents from the burden of error-prone administrative tasks and manually typing phone numbers, and location addresses et al.
A “communication phone chain” that is hyper-activated is powerful:
This mobile e-contact card is kid-centric and contains streamlined answers to family FAQs about the child, by leveraging common global mobile technology phone contact capabilities. Fundamentally, the content and data is about how to reach trustworthy adults ready to help (NOT necessarily child data). This feature gives 1 touch, easy, fast secure capabilities to reach contacts without any costly communication delays.
4. No B2B solution exists for parents to use.
This is a B2C problem. No B2C solutions exist. Ultimately, the parent is responsible for safety of children.
The American childcare marketplace is dominated by analog, cyclical manual process that could benefit from digitalization.
Every year in the USA, 4 million babies are born.
Children who can be nomadic, have cell phones, could benefit from having a up to date steadfast ICE family details as well.
Describe the problem (or opportunity) you’re trying to solve. Why is it important to our users and our business? What insights are you operating on? And if relevant, what problems are you not intending to solve?

Goals & Success

Enable moms and dads to share kid details with caregivers faster, more accurately & comprehensively. An eKidCard allows parents to unlock the basic FAQ data they have provided about each child, by extending the child’s contact details in order to boost portability, findability and mutual understanding. For active parents, the most intuitive, practical place for the data to reside is in their contact records effortlessly ready to go.
This feature queries of ALL existing kid profile record data stored for each child, and aggregates it. 1 vCard: 1 child. As a result, this toolkit repurposes core kid dataset via an easy workflow to produce a unique vCard as an output.
THINK: “calendarly” or return snail mail address stamp tool. Overtime, the administrative micro communication interactions of a parent onboarding childcare are time consuming, a very predictable ritual, and waste vital attention and energy.
Create a new user friendly modern way to handle common ancient childcare rituals by maximizing existing vCard capabilities.
Key Result A ) Complete routine childcare check in onboarding 10x faster
Reduced Task Completion = 1 min vs current benchmark of 10 mins to manually enter childcare giver info into cell phone
Key Result B ) Decrease amount of on demand in real time ad hoc questions by 300%
eKidCard sender will experience a reduced amount of ad hoc texting emailing and talking about plans
eKidCard recipient will ask fewer questions, since s/he has answers to worse case scenario FAQs (back up contacts, unlikely medical major or minor situation, health care info)
Key Result C ) Boost Monthly Active User (MAU) engagement by XX%
1 click send capability via native contact UI - will be “ah ha” core action to complete and is expected to correlate with retention metrics.
For example: if user sends a eKidCard user is 79% more likely to use product in 3 months at least 3 times, and be power user within first 6 months of account activation.
Key Result D ) Enable parents to experience good contact record “hygiene” & EMS best practices in a hassle free way boosts confidence, pride & sense of control
High Value target Kitual users will love this tensionless method and refer others since they see how often it comes in handy with everyday childcare routines, and has made logistical planning with others simpler. Less of a chore.
Key Result E ) Solicit feedback from parents with multiple children, twins, and/or children managing chronic medical conditions
These parent groups have a greater interest in reducing redundant admin work. Suffer from compounding factors. Quantify: how much of their family ICE emergency plans overlap per child? How much data differentiation between the kid datasets? Our guess is that the contact lists are 90% the same identical people, plan and places for kids in the same family. Meaning, overall ~80% of ICE details are same. with only 20% of child ICE records being different data values.
Less admin work. More and better childcare. 10% condition. 90% galvanized child care response.
What does success look like? What metrics are you intending to move? Explain why these metrics are important if not obvious.


Parental discretion required with use
Data breach - e-KidCard malicious intent would be handled, like any other phone hack when Contact data is EXPOSED. It is the responsibility of the phone owner to assume and manage risk and any potential for abuse.
Parent/Account Owner will need to manually update the KidCard on phone locally. Automatic overwrite capabilities are NOT available at this time. Assume duplicates will be created. In which case, parent can manually delete duplicate locally if need be.

List explicit areas we do NOT plan to address
Explain why they are NOT goals
These are as important and clarifying as the goals


Cost to acquire new customers is high.
May be extra protective of “child info” data. Concept may instinctually trigger child exploitation “red flag”.
Barrier to entry is high.
First time users need to enter data manually.
Garbage in garbage out.
Customer may put in useless info due to concerns with data privacy. Thus, user does enter data worth sharing and thus abandons feature since they are not trying to address a real life issue. Or customer must trust in new capability, level of effort is great initially, and gage their comfort level with the data completion. Thus, Customer must understand what would be appropriate level of detail FAQ data for their specific family make up and child needs.
vCard functionality can vary depending upon device, and OS.
For example: NOTES truncates string differently in Android vs iOS. Photo may fail. Best to maximize the most uniform stable parameters, across “contact systems”.
What are the potential threats to achieving success? Are there external or legal risks to consider?


Key features

in UI: allow authenticated Kitual user to 1 click create a vCard for each child
in vCard: generate a mobile vCard file that contain kid-centric profile data
in vCard: map data according to standard vCard .VCF mobile parameters (see SPECS for mapping)
in vCard: use NOTES attribute to dump plaintext data that does NOT map 1:1 with stable existing vCard protocol standards (see SPECS for mapping). NOTES will serve as a catch all target area because it supports long string values.
in vCard: default - for contact card “Name” attribute, use the child’s name as default value
in vCard: default - for contact card “Phone” “Address” et al, use the primary parent “mom” as the default value to be listed for improved direct contact

Give an overview of what you’re building. This could include an organized list of features or a discussion of what you’re NOT building.
Schemas, sketches, wireframes, whiteboards
Make vCard Result Wireframe:
68.9 kB
Samples of existing dataset & other Kitual artifacts/outputs (PDFs, email & UI):
READ ME_ Fabricio's EMCASO Info.eml
11.6 kB
2.8 MB
33.8 kB

Key flows

This core Kitual Kid e-Contact Card user journey is described here:
NOTE: feature demo begins mid video. For more background on the product “Jobs to be done: value proposition watch the entire video.
See SPECS, sample use cases on Trello board:
This link can't be embedded.
Show some mocks/embeds of the experience. Link to any other documentation as necessary. In general, it’s helpful to organize these around certain user journeys / use cases. Show enough of a clickthrough where people can walk away with a reasonable understanding of how the product works.

Decision Log

Often decisions are made that might feel controversial. Log them here to everyone informed on key decisions and tradeoffs.
Keep everyone informed by sharing decisions to Slack and email.
Clear template
Decision Tracker DT
Should we include a PDF link?
Yes, provide PURL to child’s (PDF) FULL kitual record so general users can download the PDF format, in case there is NO wifi.
Should we include a PDF link?
Yes, provide PURL to child’s (PDF) FULL kitual record so general users can download the PDF format, in case there is NO wifi.
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Buck Dubois
What is the default image if a eKidCard photo is NOT provided?
Lola Tseudonym
What color should we make the logo to connote safety precautions?
Of the options, red cross red and steady sky light blue are the closest to our branding.
Felix Marlin
When should we launch?
After reviewing all options, we should launch next Thursday.
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Marketing PR

Operational Checklist


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