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,Welcome to floating, we’re excited to have you on board!

General things you should know…

What is floating?

On the go answer:
Floating is an outdoor arts and well-being collective that curates and produces weekly donation based musical gatherings for all ages in beautiful outdoor spaces across Los Angeles County.
Slightly more involved answer:
We bring people together over forward thinking musical performances. In doing so, we embrace music as a channel for fostering a deeper connection with community, culture, and land. Through our careful pairings of sound and space, we explore the intersection of music and ecology, envisioning art and performance as integral to the landscape of social organization, all the while rehabilitating our relationships with ourselves and our environment.

How do people find out about our gatherings?

Our gatherings are primarily promoted via text: (310)-421-0869 (although we do have an IG account: @feelslikefloating).
We text the invite for each event approximately 3-7 days before the show with a unique code word that guests can text back to get more info. Then 1-2 days before the event, those that RSVP’d with that code word will receive a reply with the address & details.
For fixed price gatherings (Floating Residencies), guests will not receive location info until they have purchased a ticket.
We also post the schedule for each month’s gatherings on our website:

Membership Options

Screen Shot 2022-08-08 at 2.53.55 PM.png

We always allot 10% of our capacities for anyone who can’t pay, and guests are welcome to donate day-of.
If you can't afford a membership, for whatever reason, please email us at No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Things you should know about being a greeter...

What’s the role of a greeter?

As greeter you will be be expected to:
Help with setup and takedown if available
Retrieve the greeter bag & table from May Smeback (our production director) at the start of every gathering and return it to them at the end of each gathering, making sure all contents are packed back in the bag.
Set up the greeter station: table, lay out laminated QR codes & donation jar.
Be super warm and welcoming, this is so important! The Greet Team is the only other form of interaction with our community other than our text. So it’s an impactful role for the guest experience!
Help guests check in upon arriving, guide them where to go and answer any questions guests may have. Most answers will be on the ‘gathering schedule & info’ page of this greeter portal.
In the event of cash donations, write a receipt at the end of check-in for the total cash donated and make sure the cash and receipt are placed in our black wallet in the backpack and returned to May at the end of the gathering.
Take a guest count on our physical click counter, found in the greeter bag (usually in the black wallet). Do this to the best of your ability and if you find it easier to take a head count once everyone is seated for the gathering that works too!
Be ready to take donations throughout the show.
Once the bulk of guests have arrived feel free to enjoy the event and please do help pick up any trash you may see left around. Same motto as the trails around here, ‘leave no trace’, thanks!
At the event's end, please make sure one greeter texts Sam (2135055588) the estimated attendance & amount of cash donated.
May Smeback and others from our team will be around if you need help. :)
This role is flexible to your schedule. It will be filled based on interest and availability.

What’s the table set-up, check-in process, greeting strategy & script?

Table set-up

Position the plastic table according to the plot-plan for each gathering (viewable in gathering schedule & info).
Table should generally be positioned where guests are entering the space and be far away enough from the performance area so that guest check-in and conversation does not interrupt the performance.
Cover the table in a blanket (from May’s car).
Upon the table, lay out the laminated signs and QR codes
venmo QR. our handle is @feelslikefloating
text list QR
schedule QR
membership info
no one turned away for lack of funds
Place the cash donation box on the table (key to the box should be kept in the black wallet)
If the performers do not need it, there is a chair available for you (ask May).

Soundscapes check-in

In terms of check-in process, the main thing differentiating Soundscapes from our Sunday residencies is they are entirely donation based, whereas our residencies are $22/person.
Guests have the option of donating online prior to the gathering, or donating on-site (or not donating at all). Members may attend these performances, but they are not included in membership (since they are technically free/donation based).
When checking-in our guests, the first thing to identify is whether they have donated online already or if they would like to donate now in-person.
If they have donated online:
They will present you with a QR code to scan with your phone’s camera app. Once the code is scanned, it will open up your internet browser with a google form. Tick the checkbox and hit submit. This just helps us keep track of attendance. If someone’s phone is not working or they can’t get to their QR code, please just welcome them in.
(Pro tip: if there’s a rush of people, you can quickly scan them all in, and each of their forms will open in a new tab, so you don’t have to check all the boxes and hit submit right away).
If they have not donated yet and would like to:
please inform them that they can donate via Venmo or cash
Greeters Needed: min 2
As guests arrive...
Greeter 1:
Position: where guests are walking in from
welcome guest and direct to check-in table
take guest head count on physical clicker
Ex: “Hi, welcome, glad you made it! Please head that way (direct them) to check in before your find your seat. Enjoy the show!”
Greeter 2:
Position: at the check-in table
be friendly
offer guests the option of donating
remind guests that no one is turned away for lack of funds
answer questions
Ex: “Hi, thanks for coming! Today’s show is completely donation based. If you’d like to donate an amount that feels comfortable to you, we would greatly appreciate. As always, no one is turned away for lack of funds. If you’d like to donate you can scan this Venmo QR code or donate cash. Other than that, you’re good to go, have fun!”
*** No service:
cash donation only, or guests can take a photo of our venmo code and upload it to their Venmo app later
to see schedule or membership options guest can visit our website later (

Floating Residencies check-in

Membership or drop in ticket experience. Members can attend 2 Floating Residencies as part of their benefits and members who have attended 2 Floating Residencies already that month can purchase a drop in ticket half off. Non-members can attend for drop-in ticket fee.
Members get access to their free residencies by signing into their account on our website. Once signed in, they are able to get a QR code for the residency they are interested in.
Every now and then, a member will be confused/unaware that they can sign in to our website and get that QR code. If someone shows up and just says they’re a member without showing any QR code, please let them in, but let them know that in the future, they can sign in to the website to get a QR code.
Guests who cannot afford membership and have worked out a ‘floating friends’ membership with floating team will have a QR code to check-in like all other members.
The trickiest thing about residency check-in is these gatherings are technically ticketed at $22, but we want to encourage and remind guests that no one is turned away for lack of funds. If a guest would like to donate an amount that feels more comfortable they are welcome to. Generally lean on the side of being welcoming and accommodating.
Greeters needed: min 2
As guests arrive...
Greeter 1:
Position: where guests are walking in from
welcome guest and direct to check-in table
take guest head count on physical clicker
remind guests to pull up their QR codes (if they don’t have one that’s fine too)
Ex: “Welcome, glad you made it! Please head that way (direct them) to check in before your find your seat and have your QR code ready. Enjoy the show!”
Greeter 2:
Position: at the check-in table
be friendly
scan QR code emailed to members & pre-purchased drop-ins
take on-site payments/donations from any guests
share membership options if guest is interested
answer questions
Ex: “Hi, thanks for coming! Are you a member or have pre-purchased your drop-in ticket for today?
a) Yes: “Great, I just need to scan the QR code emailed to you and you’re good to go!”
b) No, I need to purchase: “Great, the drop-in ticket for today’s gathering is $22, but as always no one is turned away for lack of funds, and if you’d like to make an alternative contribution that feels more comfortable to you, you are welcome to do so as well.”
c) I thought these were donation based?: “Our soundscapes are donation based. For Floating Residencies, such as this one, we ask for a $22 drop-in ticket. If you would like to contribute an alternative amount that is more comfortable for you, we would greatly appreciate it. Regardless, no one is turned away for lack of funds at our gatherings, and you are welcome to attend either way.”
*** No service: WIP
check members & pre-purchased drop-ins in on guest list via iPad google sheets document
help guests buy drop-in tickets via cash / taking photos of the venmo code for later
to see schedule or membership options guest can take picture of signs & look when in service, or visit website

What do I do when the music ends?

After the performance is over, please hang out for 10 minutes or so in case anyone comes by with donations or questions on their way out. Once it seems that the guests have been addressed and are emptying out, please pack up the greeter backpack and table and leave them with the rest of the production gear. If you see any trash laying about, please pick it up to make sure we leave the space in good condition. If you are available and would like the extra hours, please help pack up the rest of the production equipment.

What is the greeter pay rate?

Greeters are paid $20/ hr. You may include travel time when invoicing for distances of 20 miles or more.

How do I get paid?

We process all payments on Tuesdays. Following the evening, at your earliest convenience, just fill out the relevant details on .

Who do I report to onsite?

Sam Lee (213)505-5588. He will make sure you get the greeter box, table, and can answer any questions you may have onsite. May Smeback (707)-738-1642 and Noah Klein will also be around to offer support if Sam is not present.

How/when will I know event details like venue, call time, etc.?

Call time is always 30 mins prior to the event start time. You can check the ‘gathering schedule & info’ page on this coda doc. It should have everything you need to know listed there. If you have any further questions ahead of the gathering please email Tate Chavez at

What is in the greeter bag?

QR codes for check in, venmo
Money pouch & receipts
First aid kit
Sharpie marker
Bug spray
Cash donation jar

Frequently Asked Questions from Guests and the Answers…

What is floating? (Repeated from the top)

We cultivate community through sound & nature by hosting in-person gatherings in stunning outdoor spaces. Our goal is to create a deeper connection to culture, the planet, each other & ourselves. Featuring emerging and established artists from diverse backgrounds, each of our gatherings links adventurous sounds with exploratory intentions. We honor the transformative power of nature and self-reflection, offering guided journeys that provoke the senses and heighten awareness of ourselves and our community. We believe that everyone can actively participate in the art of deep listening, connecting the worlds of culture and nature through joyful communion.

How do I hear about the next event?

Just text us at 310-421-0869 or scan this QR code to keep in touch with us & hear about our next shows. Were don’t promote on instagram or social media, solely through text - think of us like your friend who knows of all the cool stuff happening in LA!

When & where do floating events happen?

2-4 times a week around sunset, most often on Saturday and/or Sunday. We pop-up at various locations throughout LA to explore different outdoor spaces in and around the city, building an awareness of the bio-region we inhabit. We send out a text usually 5-7 days before a show asking you to send us back a text if you are interested to find out more (RSVP). Then we will send out the address + details the day before.

Where do my donations go?

Proceeds go towards permitting and insuring locations and compensating artists & staff.

How do I donate?

We accept venmo or cash. Guests can scan our donation QR codes at check-in table or donate cash to donation jar.

Is there a recommended donation amount?

Generally, $22, but whatever feels good for the guest is much appreciated.

Where are the bathrooms located?

Depends, this info is event specific, check the ‘gathering info’ page for details or it will be provided to you by a floating team member.

When does the show start?

Depends, this info is event specific, check the ‘gathering info’ page for details or it will be provided to you by a floating team member.

Who is playing?

Depends, this info is event specific, check the ‘gathering info’ page for details or it will be provided to you by a floating team member.

Are dogs allowed?

Depends, this info is event specific, check the ‘gathering info’ page for details or it will be provided to you by a floating team member.

Your feedback...

As we grow, we’d truly appreciate your feedback so we can continue to equip our greeters with everything they need to succeed. There is an opportunity to provide your feedback on our invoice form. If you come across anything you feel would be important for us to share with greeters in the future please let us know!

Thank you, see ya at the gathering! 🙏

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