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Rotating News

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Rotating News

An easy yet powerful way to set continuous notifications


This doc is an example of how automated, self-calling actions can be easily implemented in Coda through buttons chains.
Main purpose is to display and change news in a text area after a configurable delay (news contents and delay amount can be set in the page)
If you’re curious about it, the subpage contains all the actions that are involved.
Just click Start/Stop buttons below to activating/deactivating news from running.

Breaking news

Because the earth rotates, and revolves around the sun, and the sun moves around the center of our galaxy, which moves through space itself, you will never be in the same place twice.


This doc uses an experimental function (_DELAY() ) that might not be fully supported, could be discontinued and may cause unexpected behaviours.
It is warmly suggested to not implement it in production docs unless you’re fully aware of it.

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