Resources for Small Farm Food Recovery

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Conceptualizing Channels of Food Waste Prevention
The think tank ReFED has come up with 4 important pathways to ensuring farmers reduce the produce they waste.
1. Imperfect & Surplus Produce Channels
Surplus, off-grade, near-expiration, or imperfect produce that is packaged and distributed via alternative sales channels or directly to consumers.
2. Buyer Specification Expansion
Adjustment of purchasing specifications that allow for a greater variety of product grades into sales and recipes, while still ensuring that specs do not lead to in-house waste.
3. Gleaning
Collecting leftover product from fields after the initial commercial harvest that would be otherwise inefficient and uneconomical to harvest, often conducted by volunteers.
4. Partial Order Acceptance
Processes to reject at a higher level of granularity and limit rejections of product that meet specs.
The most relevant pathways to are Gleaning and Imperfect & Surplus Produce Channels. Below are resources for avoiding food waste in those sectors
Imperfect & Surplus Produce Channels
Imperfect Produce
National Resources
Map—National Gleaning Project
Search ReFED’s Database of Gleaning Organizations
National Organizations:

National Young Farmers Coalition
WWF No Food Left Behind Act

A Greener World
AGW launched a national fundraiser, . With 2,000 U.S.-based pasture-based farmers as part of its certification program, the fundraiser is one way to help farmers redirect their unsold products to food pantries, senior meal programs, and homeless shelters within their communities.

The Society of Saint Andrew
​​The Society of St. Andrew brings people together to harvest and share healthy food, reduce food waste, and build caring communities by offering nourishment to hungry neighbors.

Food Forward
Our dedicated team members and volunteers—people just like you—recover fruits and vegetables that would have been wasted from backyard fruit trees, public orchards, farmers markets, and the downtown Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market. We connect this abundance of nutritious food to people experiencing food insecurity, donating 100% of the produce we recover to hunger relief agencies across Southern California, and to tribal lands in Arizona and New Mexico.
Agri-Cultura Network
A community driven model building New Mexico’s small farming economy through sustainable and regenerative food justice.

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