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0:00 Introduction
0:25 Signing Up
1:55 Email Verification
2:55 Account Setup
4:40 Explore Page
5:30 Series Registration
6:30 Home Page
6:45 Session Registration
7:30 Tutor With Us
8:00 Joining Sessions
9:00 FAQ Page
9:30 Chat Support
10:05 Final Remarks

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Support Center Guide

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This bar can be found on the left of your screen on most PC and laptop devices. On other devices (including phones and tablets), you may have to click the three dots in the top left corner to access this menu. Each of our pages are displayed (you may need to scroll or go through subpages by clicking the arrow) and the current page will display in a blue highlight to confirm your selection. In addition, on the right of the page on most devices, you can view an overview of the main sections on the page and click on the one that applies to you.
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You can get in touch with us if this support center was unable to help. First, please fill out this so we can better adjust the support center for future users. Next, you can email or chat with us. Email is better for more serious issues (like legal, bugs, and account deletion) because the product team can directly investigate and help out. Chatting is better for simple questions not answered here. Please click
to email us or go to any page on Schoolhouse’s and click the “How can we help you?” button on any page (found in the bottom right corner).
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