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Why Explore British Columbia?

Let your adventure begin.

Back Story

Welcome to "Discover Vancouver Island," your ultimate guide to exploring the stunning beauty and hidden gems of Vancouver Island. As avid travelers and adventure enthusiasts, my husband, our furry companion, and I recently relocated to the picturesque Comox Valley in Courtenay, and we can't wait to share our experiences and discoveries with you.
Whether you're a nature lover, a beach enthusiast, or a history buff, Vancouver Island offers something for everyone. From breathtaking coastal landscapes to charming towns and vibrant cities, this island paradise is brimming with endless opportunities for exploration and adventure.

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Our Mission

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In this blog, we will take you on a virtual journey through Vancouver Island, highlighting the must-visit locations, providing valuable insights, and offering practical advice to make your trip unforgettable. We have divided our guide into different sections, each focusing on a specific area or attraction, so you can easily navigate through the wealth of information we have to offer.

Our aim is to make travelling Vancouver Island an easier experience for you than it was for us by having everything in one place. This is a living doc, so as we discover or you share with us we will add to this doc.

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