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Sistema Simples de Gerenciamento de Aprendizagem (LMS)

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Compartilhe clicando no link acima e personalize para sua empresa Build a simple LMS to distribute your learning materials easily and affordably
In my time as an instructional designer and trainer, I've implemented about 5 different Learning Management System softwares. I still have a favorite, but if you're just getting started, a full software solution may not be appropriate. Or, if you're working on a shoestring budget. Enter Coda!
Your Coda LMS gives you the ability to:
Organize videos and articles into simple learning paths
Allow learners to self-select into content they find interesting
Update your content by simply editing this doc
Make your content discoverable with SEO
See statistics on how many times learners have copied or interacted with your doc as a whole
Build a

We use this solution for our own learning materials too. Check it out at .
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Coda is an all-in-one doc for your team’s unique processes — the rituals that help you succeed. Teams that use Coda get rid of hundreds of documents, spreadsheets, and even bespoke apps, to work quickly and clearly in one place. This template is a Coda doc. Click around to explore.
Find out how to Coda-fy your rituals.

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