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Read & Unread: A book tracker

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Read & Unread: A book tracker

Evan Brooks
Here's a doc to keep a running list of both the books that you have read, and books you haven't read, in the spirit of an . You can make a copy just for yourself, or publish it for anyone to see. If you want to see a published version that's all filled in, here's mine—

A. What's in the doc

There are 3 key pages in the doc.
On the Unread page, you can add books you're interested in reading one day. There's also a button to see if it's available at the San Francisco Public Library.
On the Read page, you can scroll back through the books you've marked as read. You can add extra info, reflection, and add connections between books that are related.
On the Manage page, you can quickly add info to books, to make the first two tabs more useful. There's a button to search for the book cover on Google Images, so you can paste it into your doc.

B. Getting started

Create your own copy by clicking the "Copy Doc" button at top right ↗️. You can clear all the sample books by checking the box and pressing the button below. (Then you can delete this whole page).
Yes, I'm sure I want to clear the examples

🚮 Remove all 8 example books

C. Make it your own

This doc is powered by one great big table called with lots of rows and columns. On each page, there's a view of that table, filtered down to show the rows and columns that are relevant. Feel free to remix to however you like to read— Show more or less info, customize the buttons and states, and otherwise set it up how you want it.

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