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When building a product, the first step is to focus on the person you’re building for ー and especially their problem / pain point that you’ll solve for. From there, you can ensure the product delivers on your user’s needs. A Coda doc can become as powerful as an app, and we often treat our docs like products. So put on your PM 🎩, and let’s learn how to build an awesome doc!

High-level questions

For Coda docs, what’s awesome is that you can write (here’s an ) within the same place that you prototype and build the solution. When creating a doc ー especially one that will eventually feel like an app ー we suggest beginning with answering the following questions.
Who will use this doc?
What are they trying to do?
What is their problem / pain point with how they are doing it today?
What actions do you want users taking?
What are people hoping to get out of this doc?

Specific user needs

Beyond answering the high-level questions, you can begin focusing on specific user interactions with your solution. There are two common frameworks when writing and designing these interactions: and (JTBD).

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