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Simple Status Updates

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Simple Status Updates

Simple status updates gives you historical data on the progress of your work, and keep your team accountable!

Why are status updates so hard? They don't have to be.

This template is designed with a simple principle: let's separate the table from the interaction. In spreadsheets, a status update feels like a ton of collaborators getting in each other's way around the same tabular data. In Coda, a status update feels like using a form, perfectly filtered to the thing you need to address, and focusing the interaction to the fields that matter to you.

It's powered by three tables ー

for the status levels specific to your team (feel free to modify / add!)
for the high level project, feature, thing you're tracking
with a row for each update you enter for each feature

The section shows the full table structure, while the is a simple form layout using filtered Views and a Control for the features.
Happy status-ing!
P.S. If you love this status update template and want to see how you can improve communication across your team, check out this !

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