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Sales Forecaster with Hubspot

Sales Forecaster with Hubspot

A sales forecaster template for the team to organize around key account plans, understand team responsibilities, and account context.


A way for the team to organize around key account plans
, understand team responsibilities and account context

Managing account forecasts is always a challenge in traditional CRM tools. They're often good at either data aggregation or individual customer lifecycle management, but never both in quite the right way. Sales teams want to see their forecast their way. This doc provides the flexibilty that was previous found when exporting from CRM to csv, with the peace of mind of integrating into Hubspot for source-of-truth deal data.


to connect your doc to Hubspot via Zapier
to see the raw deal data as it comes through Hubspot ー complete with annotated columns for our planning purposes
to quickly navigate our accounts to see the deal progress and notate what we need to work on
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