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Remote Work Starter Kit

A few quick ways to adapt to working from home
Coda is a distributed companyーthese days a little more so than usual. And we're keen on how other companies use docs to facilitate better meetings. If you do find yourself building docs so that you can keep your team organized and connected w working remotely, we'd like to help. Our team can consult on doc design or troubleshoot with you. And we added a collection of drag-and-drop templates that we have found particularly helpful for remote work.
This starter kit includes a few drag-and-drop templates you can add to any doc. Simply type /Templates anywhere in your doc to open the menu. From there, either search for the template you want, or click the Working remotely collection!
A simple upvote/downvote table for brainstorms, meeting topics, or questions.
An effective way to solicit team feedback without bias.
An easy way to encourage people to pre-read, and let them do it at their own pace
Share where your teammates are working, including a pic of their workspace
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💡 Ideas for other drag-and-drop templates? Email and and let us know!

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