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Student & Employee Attendance Tracker [+Template]

Track attendance data for activities, classes, and more at daily, weekly, or custom intervals
Use this doc instead of a traditional Excel attendance sheet to track attendance for a roster of people. Track attendance records in real-time for activities, class attendance, and more at daily, weekly, or custom intervals.

How to use this doc for attendance tracking

In the
section, pre-add each person to the table.
In the section, select a date and record attendance.
See summaries of attendance in the and sections.

How this attendance tracker works

In the section, the table has the following features that makes it extra useful:
Groups by name and pins to show all values in the group, so people appear even before their attendance is recorded.
Filters on the selected date, so new rows default to that date.

Attendance tracker FAQs

How do I track student attendance?

Teachers can leverage the latest attendance tracking systems to track student attendance online or even via their mobile devices. There is a multitude of attendance tracking software and mobile apps you can download to your Android or iOS device. Some of them feature ready attendance tracker templates that can also be a practical online grade book alternative.

What is the best way for a small business to track employee attendance?

There are several ways in which businesses and project managers can keep track of attendance of their team members and streamline business workflow:
Manually, by entering their hours into an excel spreadsheet or Google Sheet
Using a specially developed employee attendance tracker to gain a better overview of their work hours, time off, sick leave, and vacation days.

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