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Evan Fabio

Jakarta, Indonesia

📖 Who am I?

I am Evan, an Indonesian-based growth specialist with 4+ years of experience in driving growth for consumer tech companies. I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in some exciting 0-to-1 growth journeys, starting from leading a user acquisition campaign from 0 to 4 million users in a year to improving onboarding & engagement for a D2C product.
With that experience, I bring a wealth of expertise to these topics:
Discover your product-led growth motion covering acquisition, onboarding, and engagement
Kickstart your performance marketing effort from 0 to 1
Oh, BTW — I’m also open to chat with various types of opportunity: Starting from a full-time role to a freelancing project. Shoot me an email or DM me on LinkedIn!

📈 Why have me in your team?

Growth strategy

If you’re looking for someone to “growth hack” your product, I’m not that person. 😬 However, if you want to optimize your growth in a sustainable way, let’s talk! A bit of preview on what I can help you with:
Improve your acquisition strategy: We can start from identifying your acquisition loops, optimizing it, and explore more loops that can improve the output / efficiency
Improve your onboarding flow: Designing your onboarding in a way that can help your users get to Aha moment and Habit moment as soon as possible
Deepen your user engagement: Identifying what triggers that can reinforce habit formation among your users and then actually put it to use

Growth Marketing

In CoLearn, I had the opportunity to spearhead the acquisition campaign from 0 to 4 million registered users in almost a year. One of the primary strategies we used in the early days was ads. As the first growth hire, I built out the growth marketing practice (Google, TikTok, YouTube, Meta) from 0 to 6-figures spend and ran it for 1.5 years.
To understand how I approach growth, take a look at these!
4 growth learnings from 4 million users
7 ways to evaluate your marketing channels

Product-led growth

Despite starting my growth journey in marketing, these days I find myself leaning more towards product-led growth. Before we get into the details, let’s align on the definition of product-led growth according to .
“In its purest form, a company that is product-led or implements product-led growth means that the product itself acquires, activates, engages, monetizes, and retains users, funneling them through a payment flow, most commonly without human touch.”Elena Verna, Growth Advisor and former Head of Product at Amplitude

While there is value in leveraging ads or notifications to drive engagement, the raw product experience is often the moment of truth especially for consumer apps. If the product can’t grow itself, building a sustainable and profitable business is an uphill battle.
An inside look on how we used product-led growth to build habit

Always learning

I make learning as part of my day-to-day job. A preview on how I stay in the know:
I’m a huge fan of learning through newsletter. Some of my favorites include:
for general product & growth learning from world’s top executives
by Aakash Gupta for various growth case studies
for some 🌶️ take on SaaS product-led growth
I’m a Reforge alumni from 2022. I still use most of their concepts in my work until today.
I’m a huge fan of learning from Twitter!

🧠 What can we do together?

Let’s think of all the awesome stuffs we could be doing together!
We can discover your product-led growth motion
We can improve your onboarding experience
We can improve your engagement strategy
We can build a strong growth team together

🎮 After hours?

I regularly watch the NBA. I don’t have a favorite team, but I’ve been a LeBron James fan since 2006.
I sometimes play piano. My all-time favorite piece is by .
I try to write my thoughts. My writing quest for 2024 is to publish 30 blog posts or LinkedIn posts. You can read some of my writings
I play video games, especially a single-player RPG like Uncharted 4, God of War IV & Ragnarok, Final Fantasy VII. Won’t ever back down from a FIFA challenge.
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