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Seattle Trip - AI Generated

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Using the built-in AI assistant and the Wikipedia pack, this doc will help you plan out your trip to Seattle, Washington. How did this work?
First, I prompted Coda’s AI to make a table with a list of places in Seattle, WA. It was something like this: “Make a table of 20 places in Seattle, Washington, to visit with children under the age of 5 in summer.” (Why this specific prompt?
Next, I started adding columns and prompting AI to write all of the other information for me. You can see the prompt I came up with for each section by choosing “Edit assistant” from the column menus.
Finally, I built out some buttons so anyone can interact more easily with the doc, and added the Wikipedia pack so it would pull in a header image (not all of them are working properly because not every place that AI generated has a Wiki article, or perhaps the Wiki article doesn’t include an image).
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Who is this doc for?

I built this doc specifically for myself. I’m taking a trip with my young son and other immediate family members to Seattle, Washington, USA, in the summer of 2023. I was also recently given access to Coda’s AI Assistant Alpha, and was really excited to try it out with a simple build.

What’s in this doc?

How do you use this doc?

1️⃣ You can interact with this published doc even if you don’t have a Coda account. Click around, push some buttons. Don’t worry - nothing you do will be saved.
2️⃣ If you want to make any edits, you’ll need to have at least a free Coda account.
3️⃣ Then you’ll need to
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and play around with your own version of the doc. Experiment with different prompts for Coda’s AI Assistant to create your own itinerary of places to go!

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