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About This Doc

I built this doc to be my small business hub - a single source of knowledge for all things business related, and this is the first step.
After launching my freelance service provider business a few months ago, I quickly realized that there are a ton of powerful apps out there that do what I want, but none of them were truly all-inclusive, and are often too rigid for how I really want them to function. I get easily distracted, and switching between a ton of tabs or windows just to manage clients, projects, and tasks was becoming overwhelming.
If you’re like me, I hope this doc helps you manage your business and quash the overwhelm of too many apps, tabs, and windows.
I intentionally used only a few tables to keep things as simple as possible but still have some powerful automations. I hope that by limiting the number of tables, it also means that I can later draw out information easily and make portals for each individual client to view the progress of the project(s) I do for them.
If you have questions about this doc or suggestions for it, please email me at . Thanks again for trying out my doc! 😊

How to Use This Doc

There are 3 sections of this doc: , , and . I’ve intentionally kept the tables to a minimum because eventually I will build out client portal docs using Cross-Doc. Here are the steps to use this doc:
1. Play around on this doc - don’t worry, changes aren’t saved.
2. To make changes that will save, first you need to
Copy this doc
to your Coda account.
3. Now you can decide to play around with the simulated data, or you can and start entering your own data!
4. First, fill out this form to
Add My Company Info
. This will change the business information that is referenced in some formulas around the doc.
5. In , choose your day of the week start (Monday is default).
6. To customize the rest of the document for your business needs, you can edit the ,, , and databases. You may need to then update some formulas with your new information.
7. When you’re ready to add your own info,
Add a Client
. One task and one event will automatically be added to the and tables. You can also
Add a Task
Add an Event
separately to the client as well.
8. From there, edit the information specific to your client.
9. Have fun, make it useful for you, and if you have questions, don’t hesitate to email me at .


Many thanks to the Coda Community, especially Maria Marquis for leading the Bootcamp, and Scott Weir for his YouTube videos that gave me a ton of great inspiration and info. I’m blown away by how amazing everyone has been to share knowledge and give of their time to help.

Use this section to delete simulated client information

Client Select:
And then take action:
Delete Sim Client Info
Delete ALL Info:
Delete All Information
(use with caution - this will also delete any info you put in!)

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Hey there!
I’m Erin - a freelance virtual assistant and aspiring Coda doc builder for service providers and small businesses.
Please follow me on social media and check out my website - I’d love to connect!

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