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Redondo Guidebook

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Welcome & Instructions

1407 S Redondo

Getting there:

Getting Inside:

Once you arrive at 1407 S. Redondo Dr.
Look for the dark grey with wood accents yellow door
The entrance is located in the front of the house.
Walk up to the door enter the code on the lock next to the door, then push down on the door and open

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Welcome to our Austin home! We're so glad you chose to stay with us and we hope you have a great time during your stay.

East Austin is a culturally rich and diverse neighborhood known for its lively atmosphere and strong sense of community. It's home to a mix of residents, including families, young professionals, and artists. The neighborhood boasts a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and shops, many of which are locally owned and operated and feature a mix of Tex-Mex, Barbecue and fusion cuisine. East Austin is also home to several parks, including the popular Boggy Creek Park, which offers a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. The area is also home to several music venues, many of which showcase local talent and it's known for its live music scene and the famous street art and murals. it's also a great location for those who want to be near downtown Austin but prefer a quieter, more residential area. Overall, East Austin is a great place to experience the unique culture and lifestyle of Austin, particularly for those interested in experiencing the city's vibrant minority cultures and communities.

Here are a few things to keep in mind during your stay:

The house is equipped with everything you need, including linens, towels, and kitchen essentials. If you need anything else, please let us know and we'll do our best to provide it.
Check-in time is 3pm and check-out time is 11am.
Depending on your arrival time, hanging lights are set to turn on in the front and back - so you should always feel welcomed and not be in the dark fumbling for keys! The front door can be accessed with your personal PIN set for your trip. Just in case, there is backup lock box on the premises which can be accessed on an as needed basis.
Redondo drive is a quiet circle with families. You should have no trouble with noise or with your neighbors. You are close to Webberville and Sprindale, which are both main thoroughfares. Exercise standard caution especially at night. During your stay, make sure to keep doors and windows locked for security and your personal safety.
The house comes with a full kitchen, feel free to use it, but please avoid leaving food out. (We have a lot of bugs in Central Texas!)
If you're looking for things to do in the area, East Austin is known for its vibrant music and arts scene. There are plenty of bars and restaurants nearby, as well as several parks and green spaces that we’ve included in the “Local Recommendations” tab above.
Please let us know if something isn’t working and we will do our best to repair it ASAP!
If you have any questions or concerns during your stay, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're always happy to help. Enjoy your stay in Austin!

Information about the space:

Living room:
The TV remote is placed by the 65” Samsung smart TV, and with the smart TV you have access to all of your standard streaming services.
The couch is a pull out, and the sheets and bedding for this pull out are in the guest bedroom - sunrise room (sun headboard). Also in the console you’ll find several games for your playing pleasure.
The main appliances are out for your use. There is plenty of additional storage space in case you need additional storage during your stay. You can put stuff you don’t need into cupboards.
All beds are queen size, and extra sheets, pillows, and bedding are in the sunrise (blue and gold themed room) guest bedroom closet.
The sunset bedroom has its own private walk in shower. Please use the squeegee to wipe down the glass after use.
The middle room serves as an office, and as an entryway to the backyard. You can use the printer here as needed, and there is additional printer paper under the printer.
The yard is serviced for mosquitos so you should be able to enjoy yourself without bother! Enjoy either the fire pit or the deck furniture as hang out areas. The shed web built is off-limits and serves as storage when we are out of town.
The gas grill is out for your use as well! Please turn off all gas and cover the grill again before you leave. Utensils for the grill are inside, next to the stove to the left.
These are located in the carport behind the other yellow door, in case you need to use them!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Make the most of your time by reviewing this guide of common questions.
The trash and recycling are located behind the fence on the left of the house. Collection is Friday mornings. The housekeeper will collect the trash upon your departure.
The air conditioner is designed to keep the house between 71 - 76. If you set the AC to 60 during the summer, it will never reach that temperature. It is simply a fact of life here in Texas when the outside temperature is 100+ that AC systems just can't keep up. Please be considerate of the environment and avoid setting the AC below 70 in the summer when possible. If the AC isn’t blowing cold air or doesn’t appear to be working at all, please reach out and I will address the issue ASAP
The property uses a 50 gallon water heater. Please allow some time for the system to heat up and bring hot water to the taps. If the hot water doesn’t make its way to the shower/sink in 1 - 2 minutes, please let me know and we can take a look at the system to see if there may be an underlying issue.
It's pretty rare, but if the Internet isn't working, please let us know. Occasionally, the Internet Service Provider may disrupt service to perform maintenance on their network. This typically happens very late at night, but we will give you a heads up if there is a scheduled disruption.
The front door is locked, and the entrance is in the front of the house. Use your key code on the side of the door to unlock the door and then you able to pull down on the handle of the door and open inwards.

Check Out Instructions:

Departure Instructions Check-Out is at 11am
On the morning of your departure, please:

1. Place any used towels, pillowcases, and fitted/flat sheets near the laundry
machines. Please leave the quilts, comforters, and mattress protectors on the beds
(We'll take care of those separately)

2. Return any furniture items to their original location
3. Please discard any perishable food items
4. It would be greatly appreciated if you could start the dishwasher upon your
departure, but is not required.

Finally, I would recommend doing one last walkthrough of the house to ensure you
have not forgotten any of your belongings. If there is any damage to report - small
or large - please let me know so that I can make sure the house is ready for the
next guest.

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