An inside look at Thumbtack's research archive
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Add a new report
Here is how we add a new report to the Research archive. You'll want to replace this form with your own after copying this doc.
The Research Archive collects research from
all teams at Thumbtack
. We'd love to feature your findings!

To add a research project to the archive you need to have your
final output
from the study competed. This could be a research report, a summary of your findings, etc. and could come in any digital format (deck, doc, video, etc.)

Make sure the document you're submitting includes the following information on the title slide or in the header:
The name of the study
Your name
The quarter and year when the project was completed

To submit your project to the archive, fill out this Google Form 👇

Someone from the Experience Research team will review the submitted information and add the report to the archive.

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