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Eric Koleda's Packs

My Packs

The Packs (extensions) I created for Coda.
By day I work as a Developer Advocate for Coda helping others build Packs, but at night I like to tinker on my own Packs. Below is a list of all of the Packs I published. You can find the source code for most of them in .

Apps Script
Get information about your Google Apps Script projects.
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Create ASCII art out of any text.
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Cat Photos
What every Coda doc needs: more cat photos!
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Code Blocks
Add snippets of code in your doc, now with syntax highlighting!
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Date Icon
Display a date using a simple icon that looks like a calendar.
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Email Addresses
Utility formulas for working with email addresses.
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Favicon - Website Icons
Easily get the favicon (tab icon) for any website.
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Flight Codes
Get information about an airport, airline, or flight.
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Formula Info
Get information about the formulas in the Coda formula language.
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Turn emojis into large images you can embed in your doc.
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Mailto Links
Quickly generate a link that when clicked start composing a new email.
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Quickly generate tables of mock (fake) data.
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Net Promoter Score - NPS
Calculate the Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) from survey results.
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It's a Pack that gets information about Packs. 🤯
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Philips Hue
Control your Philips Hue smart lights from a Coda doc.
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Phone Numbers
Utility formulas for working with phone numbers.
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Placeholder Images
Generate placeholder images with customizable sizes, text, and colors.
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Rich Text Tools
Formulas for working with rich text as HTML and Markdown.
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Shorten Number
Abbreviate numbers using letter suffixes (1.2k, 4m, etc)
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Quickly calculate how long you've been on a streak.
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Temp File
Generate a temporary file using a formula.
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Web Page Metadata
Get the title, icon, and other metadata for any URL.
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