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Build with me: Meeting makeovers with Coda AI

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Overview: Feedback and challenges from participants in the session regarding their goals and desired learning outcomes.
Goals: Participants expressed a desire to learn about various topics such as AI tips, better meeting practices, and utilizing Coda for organization and automation.


The “build with me” session hosted by Katy and Kay focused on practical tips for using Coda AI to have fewer, more productive meetings and maintain momentum between meetings. They shared ideas and tips across three types of meetings:
One-on-One Meetings: Leveraged Coda AI to convert raw notes into structured action items and summaries, aiding in effective meeting preparation and ensuring clear follow-up steps.
Team Meetings: Utilized the "Dory" format for agenda contributions and "Pulse" for team sentiment, with AI to clarify action items, fostering a democratic and supportive meeting environment.
Recurring Meetings: Discussed making meetings equitable by using AI for task assignments and due dates, and aiding new hires with AI-generated historical summaries to integrate them swiftly into ongoing projects.
In this interactive session, Katy and Kay demonstrated how Coda AI can transform the meeting experience from preparation to execution. They showed how AI helps in creating a collaborative environment where every team member’s voice can be heard and action items are clearly defined, ensuring that meetings are not only productive but also inclusive.
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