Customizable website to coordinate care & support for loved ones

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How to customize this site

Step 1: Personalize, then publish your website

Instructions: While this website template is pretty much ready-to-go, there are a few things you should do to make it your own:
Click ‘Copy doc’ button on the top-right to make your own copy of this doc
Rename the title of this doc (top left corner of this page). This will become the name of your website.
Rename the page in the left-hand page navigation bar
Rename the title and subtitle on the page
[optional] Create MealTrain account if you need help with meals, otherwise feel free to delete the page. Once you’ve created your account, add the link to the page.
Update the Intro and Closing blurbs on the email template and rename it. This is what people will see when you send out emails. (Leave the ‘heart’ button at the bottom and the Updates and Reactions section alone)
Update the template. This template is used whenever you create a new Blog post on the
Once you’ve personalized the site, you’re ready to publish it.
Click ‘Share’ button at the top-right
Switch ‘Anyone with link’ to ‘Can edit’.
TIP: To avoid others accidentally messing up the site, you’ll want to upgrade to a
plan to enable features like ‘’ to restrict editing of pages and from view.
Click the ‘Share settings’ in the top-right corner of the ‘Share’ window to disable the first two options:
Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 10.58.49 PM.png
Select the ‘Publish’ tab
Rename the URL if you’d like
Disable ‘Discoverable by anyone’ so it’s private only to you and your friends you share it with
Set ‘Doc interaction’ to ‘Edit’
Click ‘Open preview’ to take a peek, then click ‘Publish’
Copy the published link shown, or go back to the ‘Share’ tab at anytime to copy it.

Step 2: Invite others to subscribe to email updates

Instructions: Publish the below, and share the published form link to others via text or email. You can always add names and emails directly to the yourself by clicking‘+ New row’ below.
TIP: Once you’ve got the published form link, paste it here for quick access, and add it to the bottom of the page.

Published form link: {paste link here}

Total # of subscribers:

Subscribers list
There are no rows in this table

Subscription form
Enter your first and last name.
Enter one email address. One per person.
Responses won't be saved because this doc is in play modeSubmit

Step 3: Add new updates, requests, and blog posts

Click the button below to add a new update or request. It’s marked as an ‘Update’ by default, but you always drag it down to the ‘Request’ section. Keep these brief, to just 1-2 sentences max. You can always use the Comments field to add more details.
Click the ‘New blog post’ button to add a new blog entry on the
The ‘Date added’ column is automatically generated, but you can change it if you want to.
To exclude any update/request from the next email, simply mark it as ‘Sent/Don’t Send’. Right-click any row to delete it.
Don’t leave any ‘Request/Update’ fields blank, or they’ll be marked red.
This list is sorted by date, with most recently added updates and requests at the bottom.

New update or request
New blog post
All updates
Date added
Sent/Don't send

☝️ Tip: Publish this ‘Add updates’ form then bookmark for quick access

New updates form
What kind of an update is this?
Select ONE option.
Add 2-3 sentence prayer requests or praises to share.
Any additional context or information you'd like to add?
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Step 4: Send new updates email to everyone

A. Check email template

Once you’ve got a few updates to share, check your updates list to make sure everything looks right before you send email updates. Refresh the page if you need to.
Note: Feel free to update the greeting and sign-off sections in the template, but leave the Updates, Requests, and Blog sections alone (unless you’re comfortable with ).

B. Create a test email you can check in Gmail or send all emails now if you’re ready to go.

If your Gmail draft looks OK, click the 2nd button to send all emails now. Your email will be sent to all subscribers on the .
Note: Only the updates and requests NOT marked as ‘Sent/Don’t send’ are included in the email. This action can also be automated by turning the ‘Send daily updates via email’ on.
🚩 Create a test email (check Gmail drafts)
Send email to all subscribers (now)

Step 5: View email history

Note: An alternative to using the buttons in Step 3 to send emails is to manually send emails to subscribers (from the ) by clicking on the ‘Email updates now’ button. Click the Reset button if you ever need to correct and re-send an email.
Email log
View/Update subject
Email updates now (bcc:)
Email status
Who can help
Sending love
Reset to re-send
There are no rows in this table
Add new email (auto)

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