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Simple college dorm move-in checklist

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What should I pack for college?

Track everything you need for your dorm room or first apartment.
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🧳 Packing List


Pillow cases
Extra blanket
Comforter or duvet
Sheet set
Mattress pad/topper

Bathroom / Shower

Shower shoes
Shower caddy
Bath mat
Hairdryer and other styling tools
Biodegradable soap
Organic shampoo & conditioner
Organic or bamboo towels


Computer, laptop, tablet
Mobile phone
Charging cords, cables, and adapters
Gaming console
UL-listed extension cords / surge protectors
Alarm clock
Laptop lock
Cable clip / organizers
Portable bluetooth speaker
Smart powerstrip

Health / Personal care

Personal prescriptions
Glasses and contact lens supplies
Preferred over-the-counter medications
First aid kit
Reusable face coverings/masks
Hand sanitizer
Organic chapstick
Aluminum-free deodorant

Cleaning / Laundry

Laundry basket/bag or pop-up hamper
High-Efficiency detergent (check school policies)
Laundry detergent (check school for policies)
Clothes hangers
Collapsible drying rack
Clothes iron, ironing board / mat
Cleaning supplies
Trash bags
Biodegradable laundry detergent
Biodegradable all-purpose cleaner
Recycled content paper towels


Reusable bowl, plate, cup/mug, and utensils
Reusable food-storage containers
Reusable water bottle and travel mug
Drip coffee maker, electric kettle (check school policies)
Mini Blender (check school for policies)
Mini-fridge (check school policies)
Microwave (check school policies)


Winter coat, hat, gloves
Waterproof / resistant shoes or boots
Sport gear (check school policies)


Academic supplies (backpack, pens, highlighters, notebooks, etc.)
Photo ID, U Card, credit/debit card, insurance cards, emergency contact information
Desk / bedside lamps with LED or CFL light bulbs
Fan (for air circulation and white noise)
Room decor: area rugs, art, throw pillows (check school policies)
Board games, books, or other entertainment
Yoga mat or other wellness/workout items
Bike, helmet, headlight, and U bike lock
Over-door mirrors
Storage cart / bins
Under-bed storage
Wall-safe adhesives
Door stop
Dry erase board
Desk or paper organizers
Lap desk for laptop or tablet
Step stool
Odor eliminator
Reusable shopping bags
Recycled-content notebooks

🏡 What to leave at home

Provided Items

Typical list, but check with your school or landlord:
Extra-long twin bed—80 inches (student housing)
Closet or wardrobe and dresser (student housing)
Desk and chair (student housing)
TV and internet connections
Window coverings (blinds or drapes)
Smoke detectors & sprinklers
Trash and recycling containers

𝙓 Prohibited Items

Typical list, but check with your school or landlord:
Alcohol or alcohol containers (student housing)
Illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, and hookahs
Tobacco and electronic cigarettes (student housing)
Firearms, weapons, fireworks/explosives
Candles, incense, and electric fireplace
Pets—fish sometimes permitted (student housing)
Wireless routers (student housing)
Air conditioners (student housing)
Space heaters and electric dryer (student housing)
Halogen lamps (student housing)
Hoverboards (student housing)

✔ More packing lists

Items from this have been pulled in directly from multiple current college move-in lists.
Other great resources for ideas on what to bring:
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