Coda doc publishing playbook
Doc publishing playbook

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1. Ask the 4 key questions

Start with the target audience in mind.
Some of the top docs and templates are those that solve common problems in a simple way, and are easy to use. They are designed with a particular audience in mind, are focused on addressing specific pain points, are super clear about how the doc works, and are easy for people to customize.

Who, Why, What & How

WHO is this doc designed for?

Who, specifically, is this doc designed for? Who’s the intended audience? Who might find it most helpful or beneficial?

WHY might someone care to use this doc?

What are some of the pain points commonly shared among your target audience? Note: If there are too many, try to ‘stack rank’ them, so you can whittle them down to 1 (at most 2) main issues.

What might make someone say ‘Oooo, I want that’ or ‘I need that’?

WHAT should I be prepared to cut in order to keep this doc focused?

While there are many things I love about this doc that work for me and my team, I’d say that the #1 benefit of this doc (the reason why this doc could alleviate the stated pain points) is __________________

Which sections or features are nice-to-haves and which are ones I could I cut (for now)?

HOW can I make this doc super easy for others to use?

How can I design the doc so its purpose is super clear and straightforward (especially to people new to Coda)?

What are some ways I can make this doc more intuitive and fool-proof to use/customize?

What can I do to remove friction points, such as replacing niche packs with simple Coda base tables instead?
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