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5 quick ways to spend your extra FSA money before it's too late

5 quick ways to spend your extra FSA money before it's too late (2021)

It's a use it-or-lose-it benefit, so spend your money soon.

Unless your FSA provider offers a which typically ends on March 15, 2022, any money you’ve set aside at the start of the year for medical expenses in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) will all need to be spent by the end of the calendar year ( December 31, 11:59pm)—before it’s forfeited.
If this is the case, you’ll want to read on to get ideas for how to quickly use up all the funds to buy useful and valuable items.
Because every program is slightly different, it’s important you check your FSA administrator for more details.
1. Start by entering the amount left in your FSA account (in US dollars):
2. Browse for items that are specifically FSA-/HSA- approved
Many online stores (see below) highlight, or let you filter out, FSA-/HSA- approved items. People typically use FSA money for co-pays and deductibles for medical services, like doctor and dentist appointments. But if time is running out and you want to quickly spend the rest of your money, the easiest way to use your FSA dollars to shop for some health- and wellness-related products. In my experience, trying to spend $400-500 can be quite challenging. Stockpiling boxes of bandaids or antacids just doesn’t seem sensible.
So, in recent years, I’ve gone for the purchase of fewer, more pricey items that are more valuable. Scroll down for my favorite options this year.

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My top picks for 2021
The key to quickly using up the remaining balance in your FSA account is to either buy health- and medical-related consumables you use often or find higher-priced items you’d typically be more hesitant to purchase.
1. COVID-19 and related PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
fsa-DxTerity COVID-19 saliva kit.png
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2. Health and wellness devices
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3. First aid & emergency survival kits
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4. Contact lenses, prescription glasses, or contact solutions
Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 22.53.19.png
— $68.99 per box, excl. taxes/fees (prices will vary depending on which type of lenses you wish to buy)
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5. Baby, mother, and family planning expenses

— $399.99, excl. taxes/fees
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More FSA shopping options:

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