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March Officer Meeting


Officer Updates and Discussions:

Bunch of new HEMA fighters.
What we can do in the future: Some 5-on-5 Tourneys in the future. Mini Melees.
Sheriff - TBA
Keeping up with every other month issue releases. Next issue March 15, 2024
Sent out a survey in the last issue, but no responses. The survey included questions about frequency and content.
MailChimp is all set up. 26 subscribers with 20 opens for January Issue.
Working with others to develop more content. Working on soliciting more articles from the populace.
With the high number of new members, looking to include more SCA 101 content.
10 days till the warrant is up!
Can create 90 day plan.
Audrey does want to extend - accepted by B&B.
Two checks this quarter -
one for storage for the rest of the year
Sarah for archery form
7000 - some odd in the account.
What do we spend in a year? 4000 or so in spending for this year if everyone uses everything that was submitted for and approved.
Ideally would like 10k in the bank - 15 is better.
Will get money from Border Wars, will get something from Mid East, Coronation
Will need money for the trailer soon.
Every other Tues - A&S events at someone’s house?
Scribal - Sunday at Audrey’s
A&S Kingdom event in April - meet the master’s panel event in Tucson. Demo opportunity
Coronation - New King/Queen will select their A&S Champ.
Not a lot of info on this yet.
Open to classes at Fighter Practice again!
Possible person for emergency Dept. for the office
New people out every week since war!
Has new stuff for the closet. Will be back out at Quarter Moon
Hope and Dreams:
New Comer Classes Quarterly
Fighter 101 Classes Regularly
Portable Pell??
Demos - the right Demos - interesting things
Demos at period movie showings
Swords and Steel? When is the next one?
Ben and Lizzie to create a one-pager with a QR code or something
Chaos and Mayhem!
30-35 folks every week, basically all the loaner gear gets loaned out each week
Bought foam for the year
Hope and Dreams:
Build day
Elena will be the shoot coordinator
Training new marshalls -
Have to be marshal in training for 4 events and marshal 1 published event.
This guy is the signet.
Need paints
Social Media:
FB, Insta, TikTok - Not Discord
Expanding the breadth of what we are doing - More than combat
More arts and sciences - Coming to A&S events and getting together to get more content
Equestrian practices & getting content
Slowly growing
Moving closer to EV - waiting on Jorun’s move of horses
B&B request: EQ Quarter Moon
Come October - B&B wants an equestrian defender.
Thrown Weapons:
Been holding practice
Not a great deal
Slow movement
Hopes & Dreams
Court Reporting things
Deputy: ???
Community College of Heralds - get the group heralds talking
Look into Airtable and Paypal invoice system
WebMin: Tucker is the new person for this.
Waiver Sec- New Waiver Sec - Tamara - Rapier Fighter that’s been coming out


Border Wars:
Billy and Jordyn are doing wrap-up court Friday night
Friday will also be bardic and smores
Saturday Morning will be the investiture court
We have bids
Looking at the union hall, the GS camp.
Waiting on some communications from various locations for approval.
Looking at a few dates possible. May combine with Birthday Party.
Precident for doing this based on previous years.

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