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Shopify + Coda Starter Kit

Sync data between Shopify and Coda with the click of a button. Add products, edit prices, process orders, all from your Coda doc.
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About this doc

We see a lot of people running their businesses on Coda and Shopify. This starter kit is designed to quickly integrate those two systems together. Manage inventory, add products, set prices, and see your top customers—all from a table.

Its easy to get started

1. Start by copying this doc

2. Then, sync your Products below

The Shopify pack requires a subscription.
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Kiss-Cut Stickers
Kiss-Cut Stickers
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3. Explore some Shopify templates

4. Create your own doc.

To install the Shopify Pack in a new doc, click the Settings icon (
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) in the top right of the toolbar and go to

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