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Additional practical information


This project is a volunteering team, supported by the European Solidarity Corps programme of the European Union. Compared to the usual workcamp participation scheme, some main financial and administrative differences must be underlined:
The participation to the ESC volunteering teams is subjects to several principles and conditions, presented on the ESC webpage:
The volunteers do not have to pay any fee (not sending, nor participation fee) to attend the project
The volunteers will receive pocket money, calculated on basis of 6€/day, and food allowance, calculated on basis of 4€/day, on the onboarding training in Hungarian currency.
The volunteers will receive a financial support for their travel, according to a maximum amount established in accordance with their travel distance (further information on the “Travel reimbursment” page)
The volunteers need to register on the European Solidarity Corps Portal; Egyesek will organize their matching, on the online system, with the volunteering project
The volunteers will have to complete a participation report, submitted online by the ESC portal
When you arrive to Budapest, our association will provide you a 15-day Budapest pass, which allows you to use the whole public transport network inside of the city.
❗❗Be aware that you will get this once you arrive in the hostel, so you still have to buy and validate single tickets from the Airport to the accomodation.❗❗

💱 Money exchange

In Hungary the currency is Hungarian forint, but in general you can pay by bankcard almost everywhere.
At the moment the exchange rate is quite hectic it should be between 380 - 400 HUF = 1 €.
Do not exchange money at the airport because the rates are extremely bad. If there is no other chance only change around 4000 HUF for public transport tickets and then you will find in KÖKI close to the airport or there are ATMs close to the venue as well.

✅ Enough clothes for the full length of the program and for different circumstances
✅Casual and comfortable clothes
✅Clothes you won’t regret getting dirty, especially change clothes for the shelter
✅Sport shoes, if possible waterproof
✅Indoor shoes or thick socks
✅Ear plugs and blindfold for sleeping
✅Your own water bottle
Your own medicine - we will not provide any medicines, even basic ones for cold, diarrhea, etc.
Special food for yourself in case your diet is unusual/special/extreme
✅All original travel documents (boarding passes, tickets + invoices)
✅Passport or other official ID
(E111 card), or for non-EU citizens your own insurance

🏥 Medical insurance - EHIC card and Henner Insurance


You must obtain your EHIC card before you travel to your project.

It gives you access to medically necessary, state-provided health care under the same conditions and at the same cost (free in some countries) as you are insured in your country.

Henner is an additional insurance you receive when you participate in a European Solidarity Corps project.

It is automatically created for you and it complements your EHIC. Keep your insurance number!
In case an insurance event happens which is not covered by your EHIC, first you have to pay for the services on-spot and then you can claim your costs from Henner providing the necessary documents.
This is why it is highly important to obtain your EHIC. There is a good chance that in case you avoid paying for the health services you need.
Make sure you read the Henner brochure to understand your insurance plan in details.


Make sure you have a valid ID or Passport for the hostel registration.

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