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🇬🇧 Egyesek: Call for Volunteer Photographers in Hungary

Are you passionate about photography or currently studying in a related major? Do you want to gain practical experience in photography, enhance your skills, gain recognition on social media, and make a positive impact on youth and youth work? We have an exciting opportunity for you!

About Egyesek

Egyesek Youth Association is a well-established and accredited NGO. Our mission revolves around fostering personal growth, promoting cultural exchange, and empowering communities through impactful European Solidarity Corps Volunteering and Erasmus+ youth exchanges and training programs. With a focus on youth development and cross-cultural engagement, we have been creating meaningful experiences for our volunteers and participants, enabling them to become aware of their own freedom of choice, pursue their passions, and establish peaceful connections with each other.

About the Photography Volunteering:

Main activities of Egyesek usually take place in Hollókő or Szécsény, where the photography volunteering would ideally take place. In Hollókő, the main Erasmus+ youth exchanges and training sessions are held at - where you can join for photograph work either on a weekday or a weekend if a session is currently being held. If you wish, you could as well accommodate there where the other participants are also accommodating.
In , you can join on weekdays as there are no activities taking place on weekends. The activities in the Szécsény region usually involve visiting different schools or youth centers, therefore, you will be visiting these venues with the team of youth workers and international volunteers.
These activities involve many different aspects that need proper recording and documentation. These pictures make the volunteer work to be more visible and accessible to youth and brings accountability and transparency into our projects.

Why Join Us?

When you become a volunteer photographer with Egyesek, you are not just capturing images – you are an integral part of our journey. You will not only enhance your photography skills, but you will also fulfil yourself with international experiences and cultural diversity brought by it!
Here's why you should consider joining us:
Develop Skills and Enhance Your Portfolio: Whether you're an aspiring professional photographer or simply passionate about photography, our events will provide you with the opportunity to refine your skills and build a portfolio of captivating images.
Immerse Yourself in Cultural Diversity: Our events take place a vibrant community, where long-term volunteers from various countries come together to make a tangible impact. Your photography will reflect this rich diversity.
Make a Meaningful Impact: Your photographs will be more than just visuals; they will be the visual storytellers of our projects, capturing the heart and soul of our initiatives while promoting positive change.
Recognition and Exposure: We value your dedication, and your work will be showcased on our vibrant social media platforms. With over 12,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram, your photography will reach a wide audience.

Practicalities on Traveling, Food, and Finances

Your travel expenses will be reimbursed by Egyesek (Bus/Train tickets between your city in Hungary and the venue).
Food could be partially provided: in sessions taken place in Kreatív Tér, 3 meals a day are available. Additionally, in Szécsény, a fully equipped kitchen with extensive utensils is available at the volunteer's house for your use.
Finally, please note that this position unfortunately is not offering any financial compensation beyond expenses incurred for traveling. The position is not associated with European Solidarity Corps nor any Erasmus+ projects.

How to Get Involved:

We offer a flexible time duration that caters to your preferences. As mentioned above, you can embark your journey in any of these locations based on your availability.
If you wish to continue your engagement with Egyesek, we welcome your prolonged participation as well!
If you are interested in joining us, these are the steps ahead:
1. Fill the below.
2. Once we receive your email, we will promptly arrange a suitable time to connect with you via Google Meet. During this meeting, we will take the opportunity to learn more about you, your preferences and expectations from us.
3. If this meeting is of mutual interest, we will provide you with further details about the volunteer photographer position.
If you have any questions or need more information at any point in this process, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at .

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