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Testimonial from Zeynep, our last communication volunteer

Zeynep’s day as a volunteer

I start my day at 9am, in the cozy Budapest office of Egyesek. After a quick coffee break with everyone in the office, I open my laptop and start working on a design for social media. Until lunchtime, I focus on creating social media graphics, responding to messages sent to Egyesek, and analyzing statistics for our social media accounts. After an hour's lunch break, it's already 1pm, and I have another two hours to work on another aspect of my volunteering.

Currently, we are organizing a Christmas party within Egyesek, and I am responsible for planning the party and the events to be held there. I work on this until 3pm, when my workday is done. Earlier on, we organized a picnic event in Margaret Island and I also sometimes work on my mini project, which you can initiate within your ESC volunteering.

After my day at the office, I come home to prepare for my Hungarian course, which is also provided by another association in Budapest. Since my volunteering has started, I am learning this lovely but equally challenging language. Finally, after my course, then I go for dinner with my friends near the ruin bars of Budapest.

This is how a typical day goes for me as an Egyesek volunteer in Budapest!

Laia, ex-Budapest volunteer: her experience

When I moved to Budapest I was SO excited to start this life-changing experience! My biggest dream was coming true: I was about to live abroad in a city that stole my heart at first sight while getting to collaborate with an organization determined to make a positive impact on society. The beginning of my ESC was hectic and definitely challenging. I started my duties as a social media volunteer taking footage of the different programs, helping trainers develop them, preparing info packs, and taking over Egyesek’s social media accounts! I also have had the opportunity to develop different skills on a professional level, and challenge myself personally.

Linda, ex-Budapest volunteer: her experience

This has been an unforgettable experience that has made me learn a lot of essential life skills. Despite my volunteering being mostly office work, I found ways to keep it interesting by being able to express my creativity. I believe that everyone should experience a long-term volunteering project once in their life.


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