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3 Co-op Commitments

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COMMITMENT 1: Add to our Collective Purpose

The Fuse Collective Purpose as of January, 2023
To improve our businesses, and the staffing industry, by co-owning a platform cooperative that is fueled by mutual trust and accountability.

to see the founding member’s ‘Why Fuse’ statements, which the

Beyond the purpose, vision, and opportunity to scale self-management, which are all highly motivating for me, I am excited to build a real-world web3 success story of a platform co-op that proves that stakeholder capitalism is better on all levels than shareholder capitalism.
I want to participate in pioneering & innovating a new commons-based approach to business that can help independent businesses collaborate, grow, and provide better service to their clients and candidates. I’m most focused on making sure the foundation of trust, relational norms, and governance are in place to help this initiative thrive and endure for decades to come.
I’m excited by the purpose of this work, to build a platform that enables cooperation so that people get easier access to jobs. I enjoy making things work well, the process of making complex things simple and difficult things easy for people. I find new and challenging work intrinsically motivating. I want to spend my time and effort on meaningful work that allows me to impact as many people as possible.
I’m further motivated by three things:
Curiosity: I’m curious to see how the market will react to a liquid controlled marketplace/ecosystem, especially after this industry has grown by 600%+ over the last several years.
Learning: To learn more about the decision making process. To learn more about tokenization (injected into the staffing vertical). To learn more about how Tim & Edwin think. To learn more about web3.
Lifestyle: This is a lifestyle and I would rather be spending my time doing this vs a lot of other things (professionally and personally).
I’m motivated to help small firms grow and leave a positive legacy and impact on the industry that I’ve been a part of for 29 years.
I have developed a great appreciation for the role that technology can play in helping millions of people find meaningful work, and this project has a lot of potential to broaden that reach even further.
I’m very excited and motivated to work on this project for several reasons. I’ve always had a passion to find any and all ways to make our industry better. Getting a job is a top three decision a person makes during their life. The decision impacts them, their families, and co-workers daily. Creating an experience that is positive, informative, and caring is extremely important. Empowering, giving the necessary access to information, and tools to 100’s/1000’s of independents and small to midsize staffing companies to provide this kind of experience to candidates and clients seems to be an interesting way to try and “make our industry better”. Creating all of this on a Web3 platform that’s built on trust and stakeholder capitalism is very intriguing.
Having spent my career working within a traditional staffing model, I am driven by the pursuit of applying first-principles to redeem the recruitment industry by fostering environments that are purpose oriented, people focused, strategically savvy and disciplined, where clients benefit from collaboration and talent pools thrive. Fuse has the potential to start a broader conversation and have a positive impact on the industry.
I'm excited to pioneer a community of recruiters built on integrity and trust, to be part of a community where recruiters can feel supported and provide an easier way to access jobs that would otherwise not be accessible. I look forward to creating processes that will help the platform and the co-op and be part of what could positively change the future of the recruiting industry.
The driving force for me and my interest in a co-op platform like Fuse, is that I truly believe that talented, ethical recruiters shouldn't be stuck in companies that don't align with their values. More simply stated, good recruiters should be able to drive their own careers and their own future. Too many talented people are stuck making decisions based on antiquated commission plans, competitive corporate structures and poor company cultures.
I want to empower recruiters to become their own top performers, instead of being a corporation's top performer. Being part of the beginning of a co-op that will enable recruiters to bet on themselves, to own their career and their potential, to own their own businesses, while also giving them a community and a platform in which success is shared and won together, is incredibly motivating to me not just as a business owner, but as someone who wants to help shape the future of our industry and the way others view recruiting as a whole.
Raise (a member staffing firm):
To create a platform that benefits the Raise core business as a member patron, by providing access to additional recruiters or job orders on demand. We are also interested in providing EOR services, and take advantage of other potential ways to use Staffing Co-op to win new customers or operate more efficiently. Raise will be conscious of managing real and perceived conflicts of interest as we will act as both a member and contributor, and we invite all members to provide advice and feedback on how to manage this tension.
Personally, I just love working to help great people unlock their brand advantage. That means working with them to create communications and designs that leave no doubts and show off their genuine awesomeness. That’s what makes me happy.
But this is different. I’ve been very fortunate to work with different people on this page – not just because they are so clever and kind – because they are true transformers. To be part of their game changing work – actually proving how self-management can outperform the status quo – is thrilling and fulfilling. That’s why I’m here.

Chat GPT AI summarized as:


COMMITMENT 2: Abide by our Trust Code

Every member of the Fuse Cooperative agrees to abide by our Trust Code
Members of the Fuse Cooperative must trust each other. Therefore any DISRESPECTFUL, DISHONEST, or DAMAGING BEHAVIOR will not be tolerated.

COMMITMENT 3: Maintain the Accountability Loop

The loop is completed when both the account managers (job owners) and recruiters (candidate owners) are responsive and conscientious, which results in quality submissions and more quality jobs.
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