Is Online Learning as good or better than Classroom Lectures?

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We believe learning online is the best approach for students right now. Through online classes, they receive continued education and training without having to attend physical classroom lectures during the pandemic. However, is online learning as good or better than sitting in a classroom?
Every student learns differently. It’s no surprise that we are all accustomed to studying a subject in personalised ways. For example, some students can study better while listening to lectures online. On the other hand, some students learn better by reading their chapters out loud.
Online classes permit live tutorials or pre-recorded sessions with visual aid and audio as well. These types of classes help students in several ways to learn online and gain maximum benefit during the pandemic. Course materials are offered to students who can learn better through reading.
How online classes are helping students during the pandemic?
Indeed, travelling is limited; however, online classes provide the best means to study at this time.
For instance, the majority of students are interested in pursuing MBA or Post Graduate Diploma to enhance their career prospects. So, they prepare early on for the Common Admission Test (CAT).
The education platform, Edulyte, offers detailed videos and well-formulated . Students will not face career delays to pursue CAT preparation courses due to restrictions on classroom lectures.
Similarly, future jobs will depend on the ability to manage work solely through computers. Even today, operating one requires active use of it daily. Therefore, students who wish to learn can get a professional tutor with instructional tools and high-grade course material. Computer classes would be an added benefit for students, considering how every task is software integrated.
While the pandemic may limit outdoor movements, don’t let it hamper your freedom to education. Edulyte gives you a platform to continue learning for a bright future.
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