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FIRST LEGO League Cargo Connect Scoring Calculator

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First Lego League Cargo Connect Scoring Calculator

A simple scoring calculator from team The Ducks
Eduardo Rigon
Hi! My name is Eduardo Rigon, and this is my third season on the FIRST Lego League team The Ducks. Now i’m team mentor.

For newcomers, a brief guide to First Lego League

is a robotics league for 9-16-year-old kids. Around 30,000 teams compete around the world in this competition. The competition consists of two primary sections: a (semi-autonomous) robot competition and a "project," which is similar to a science fair competition.
The competition is famous for the autonomous robot game. As an example, here’s what a run of our robot looked like last year.

As you can see in the video, there is a mat with about 15 tasks made solely from legos. A few key notes:
Your robot must be built entirely from Lego parts
You can only touch the robot while it is in the semi-circle (”Home”), after that it must be autonomous
You have two and a half minutes of playing time where you have to score as many points as possible
To see more examples of great video runs, just - many of the best teams post videos there!

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