Expert Masterclasses

Your Podcast Culture - With Coach Jodie Chafee

Lesson Overview

​Part 1: Understanding Your Podcast Culture
​Part 2: Pre-framing Your Guests and Directing Your Interview
Part 2: ​How to Strategize and Repurpose Your Podcasting Content
In this masterclass, our expert podcaster, LAB Coach Jodi Chaffee, shares with us her detailed roadmap to having a successful longterm podcast and all the expert tips she's learned along the way!
Jodi is not only an alumni and coach of this program but also runs the successful Our Modern Heritage Podcast and Our Modern Heritage Academy.
She now empowers families to live more intentionally, cultivate their vision and values, and prepare their children to grow into their life's purpose and mission.

How Long Should This Lesson Take?

This masterclass is broken into two parts. Each part is around 30 minutes in length.

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Part 1: Podcast Culture

Part 1: Podcast Culture: A Roadmap to Success -- With Jodi Chaffee

Part 2: Expert Podcasting Tips

Part 2: Expert Podcasting Tips -- With Jodi Chaffee

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