Week 4

Your Final Day!

Lesson Overview

What's Your Next Step?
Tell Us Inside The Facebook Group Your Big Takeaways
What's Been Your Favorite Part of This Program? (Tell Us In The Group!)
​Record Your 1 Minute Testimonial (you know... if you think this was worth it!)

#TLDL - Too Long Didn't Listen

It's your last day of the program... but it doesn't end all here! Jump into the Facebook community and let us know what your next steps are and the goals you're looking to achieve.
If you've got something positive out of this program, please take a moment to record a short 1-2 minute video into the facebook group about your experience throughout this program.
We love testimonials as they allow us to reach more people and change more lives.
If you've not yet had the chance to jump onto a 'Your Next Steps' call now's the time!
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