Week 4

Week 4 Overview

Week 4 Overview

Unlock The Growth Strategies For Your Future Success
Systems for Creating Consistent Leads For Your Business
Sales Structure Psychology & Scripts for Success
We outline the core strategies you need to create continued growth & exposure for your podcast. Now that your show is live, we'll also show you how to turn your hard-work into consistent leads for your business. We show you how to implement key systems for managing your podcast.
The final piece of the puzzle we help you unlock is the psychology behind the sale. We show you how to talk to your prospects about your opportunity, how to open up your guests to talk about their pain points & challenges and how to structure your sales pitch so your prospects say YES... all without sounding "salesy".

How Long Should This Week Take?

Each week your training consists of a strategic overview video that is no longer than 30 minutes, and a full hour long deep dive session including Q&A from other students.

#TLDL - Too Long Didn't Listen

Your Week 4 Overview Video
It's Week 4! Congratulations, this is the week you launch your show!!!...but after that, then what?!
Don't worry we've got you covered.
This week is all about making sure you have everything you need to grow and scale your show over the coming months.
We're covering team, putting systems in place, and growth strategies so buckle up and let's get in there!
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