Start Here

Start Here

Start here:
Hello and welcome to the Podcast Profit LAB! Jamie and Gina here! We wanted to take this moment to say hi and introduce you to the program! Throughout this 'start here' section, we'll be guiding you through what to expect from the membership site as well as how to navigate it easily!
The section above is the lesson overview section. This will give you guidance on what you will be learning from each lesson.
This section you are reading right now is the lesson overview. This is where we will have a written overview of what you can expect to learn from the lesson today.
Below you will find further information on the other sections you'll see in each lesson inside the program.
Finally, there's a link to our Podcast Profit LAB Facebook Group which is where we hang out between coaching calls and it's where we'll announce your LAB coach and accountability group...but more on that in the next lesson section!
If you have any questions, we have an awesome Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section found later in the 'Start Here' Section of the membership site! It's a really good way to familiarize yourself with the program! Questions not addressed in the FAQ section can be directed to your accountability team/PPL Coach or posted in the FB Podcast Profit LAB Group.
Thanks again for joining the LAB and I can't wait to see you launch your podcast profitably!

How Long Should This Lesson Take?

Each lesson will have in blue the 'How Long Should This Lesson Take'... you might have guessed it, but this gives you a guidance on how long each task should take you to implement.
Remember, that a lot of tasks can be subjective and that this number is here as a guideline.
You may be able to easily complete it in 30 minutes, but another person may need a few hours so always take these numbers with a grain of salt.

Homework Assignment...

In red you'll always see your homework assignment
​Homework assignments are listed inside your worksheets as well as in each lesson
This is your easy to see guide on what you need to get done for each day's lesson

Here is where you'll find the core training videos for each day.

In these videos I go a litter deeper into the topic of the day than that of the TLDL videos so you definitely do not want to miss this section!

You'll also want to go through the worksheets as you go through these Fast Track Lessons. For each days lesson there will be a red button to download the day's worksheets.

Deep Dive

1. Explaining the Deep Dive Immersion Calls

When you get into the meat of the course, you'll see 1-2 hour long deep-dive live coaching call videos explaining more about the topic of the day and often answering Q/As.
With this course, you'll get exclusive access to the Podcast Profit Lab Facebook Group--where you can interact and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs also going through the program along side of you.
Here you'll be able to collaborate on projects, help each other with guest outreach, strategies, and ask any questions you may have.
Hit the button below to join your people, and make sure you're answering those questions so we know we're letting the right people in!

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