Week 2

Day 9: Podcast Launch LAB Strategy

Lesson Overview

Understand How to Successfully Launch Your Podcast
Planning Your Week 1 Launch Episodes
Reaching Out to Your Potential Podcast Launch Partners
Today we dive into understanding how to maximise your exposure in your first month of your podcast launch using the Launch LAB Strategy.
Todays launch strategy uses the principles laid out by Nathan Latka, the host of 'The Top' podcast to help you execute a masterful podcast launch.
• We show you how to leverage your podcast guests on day 1 for an explosive launch.
• We show you how to create amazing day 1 guest interviews without wasting a lot of time.
• We also show you how to perfectly line up your podcast launch week for maximum effectiveness.

How Long Should This Lesson Take?

Outlining and planning your week 1 launch episodes and then reaching out to those guests to be on your show should take you between 30 minutes to 2 hours (depending on the amount you reach out to)

Homework Assignment...

Outline Your Podcast Launch Strategy
Plan Your Week 1 Launch Episodes
Reach Out to Your Potential Podcast Launch Partners

#TLDL - Too Long Didn't Listen

Today we're talking about how to launch a successful podcast with a pressure launch and why you should make launch day such a big deal!
Quick Strategy Tips:
• Launch with 4-8 interviews
• Make them short, and easy to listen to at 8-12 minutes long (to maximize downloads and increase 'binge-worthy-ness')
• Choose guests that have a large, engaged audience that will promote your show to their following through their email list and socials
• Use strategic and ethical bribes to gain reviews on launch day (think competitions, giveaways, and freebies)
Your Key Take Away
On launch day, aim for....
➤ 50-100 podcast reviews
➤ 100-200 downloads
➤ 40-50 subscribers


1. Why Is a Dramatic Podcast Launch Such a Big Deal?


2. Understanding How to Effectively Launch Your Podcast Using the Launch LAB Strategy



1. Podcast Launch LAB Deep Dive (Live Coaching Call)


Deep Dive Immersion Time Stamps

0:00:02 Call starts
0:00:03 Overview about your Podcast launch
0:03:29 The power of compounding with You Tube & The LAB launch strategy
-Factor 1 How many downloads you’re getting
-Factor 2 How many subscribers you have
-Factor 3 Your ratings & reviews
0:17:20 Discussion about your Day 1 launch and your 8 guests
0:23:40 How important your ratings and reviews are
0:32:55 How to get as many subscribers as possible
0:41:20 Call to action
0:47:05 Example of an outro
0:50:00 Plan Your Week 1 Launch Episodes
0:51:28 Discussing your ‘where’
0:52:15 Inside the LAB launch roadmap
-Step 1 Podcast review document
-Step 2 Calendly
-Step 3 Email script to use for your guests
-Step 4 Getting 8 launch day partners
-Step 5 Engaging with your guests & building up to the Day 1 launch
0:54:42 Discussions with everyone about topics for Day 1 launch week - your ‘Where’
0:54:45 Funnel Strategies
0:56:15 How to be the hero of your own story
0:59:28 Strategies that are going to help people build their community
1:02:42 Be profitable (for creative entrepreneurs)
1:03:25 Discussion about the perfect person to interview for Day 1 interviews
1:04:44 Gain more clients & make more money whilst working less
1:07:30 Corporate escape plans
1:10:48 Giving people a way out to profit & grow when selling their businesses
1:15:23 To use your idea, your skills & your passion to build your vision
1:20:00 -----Q&A Starts-----
1:20:08 Question about organizing interviewees in Slack
1:22:39 Question about ‘Listen Notes’ & finding Level B influencers.
1:23:40 Discussion about New & Noteworthy on the Podcast App or on i-tunes with demo
1:29:40 Question about scripts and pitch points you can use about why you want to get people onto your Day 1 launch videos
-Reason 1 Your Podcast will get into the Top 200
-Reason 2 If your interviewee is part of the 1st eight episodes, they will get a lot of value because people come back & consume those beginning episodes & because your podcast is going to launch to a great big audience, there will be extra exposure
-Reason 3 Every guest that comes on your launch will be promoting the show to their list which means a lot of traffic in the first couple of days
-Reason 4 Because there is a lot of traffic you may get to the number 1 spot in your category for that week, which will give you even more exposure. This is not for certain, it depends how you promote your podcast.
-Reason 5 You’re part of a Podcast programme where you are paying an expert a lot of money to help launch your podcast into the Top 200 of your category. There are 12 people going through this journey with you and you’re all combining together to do a mass Podcast movement summit, so this is great for your interviewees exposure. And the interviewee can pitch their show at the end of the Podcast.
1:38:36 Call ends
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