Week 2

Day 8: Content Launch Secrets Framework

Lesson Overview

The Importance of Planning Out Your Content
The Framework to Map Out Your Content Plans
Picking Your Podcast Hosting
Today's training follows the principles outlined by Rachel Pedersen at a pre-FHL event I attended in 2019, combined with principles shared by Peng Joon in his Content Multiplier Method as well as implementing advice from Russell Brunson's Expert Secrets & Gary Vee Content Model.
We go into detail about how you can construct and create your viral content framework for your podcast. We’ll outline the areas you need to look at so you can carefully craft a years worth of content in just a few hours.

How Long Should This Lesson Take?

You can outline and plan your 12 months worth of content in just a few hours, or over a few days if you want to deep dive into the implementation.

Homework Assignment...

Outline Your 4 Core Values
Create 3-12 Macro Topics
Research 4 Micro Topics on Each Macro
​Purchase Your Podcast Hosting

#TLDL - Too Long Didn't Listen

Today we're outlining your content topics for as far out as a YEAR.
First we'll start by lining out your 4 CORE values in your business and life.
After this, you'll want to create your 12 main, or MACRO topics that are derivatives of your core values. Aim for 12 Macros--one topic for each month.
For each of these macros topics, you'll want to create your 4 different MICRO topics (one for each week).


1. Mapping Out & Planning Your Content Machine Using the Content Launch Secrets Framework


2. Rachel Pedersen, Peng Joon & Gary Vee...


3. Your Content Launch Secrets Calendar


4. Purchasing Your Podcast Hosting

Podcast Hosting
One of the first things you'll want to decide on is which podcast hosting company you are going to use. We personally don't recommend using Anchor (a popular recommendation) as you find that 85% of anchor users never get their podcasts over 1 download!
While it's easy to use, it also LACKS a lot of the important things you need to create a successful show.
There are a few options to choose for Podcast hosting but hands down the BEST choice available is SimpleCast.
We currently use them to host our show and are one of the most up-to-date podcast hosts who are still innovating and bringing you new features.
Some others recommendations you'll have heard are LibSyn who I used to host my show with. They are an OK solution, but the interface hasn't changed in over 5 years and some of the hosting options are very old school and not particularly user friendly.
I suggest that every single one of you picks SimpleCast, In our opinion, it's the best option on the market and also offers unlimited hosting for $15 per month.
You also get access to some pretty cool analytics tools, and other features.

Recommended Podcast Hosting: SimpleCast $15 Per Month


Content Launch Secrets 2.0

1. Content Launch Secrets - Content Overview Session (Live Coaching Call)


2. Content Launch Secrets Masterclass - Day 1 Mindset (Masterclass)


3. Content Launch Secrets Masterclass - Day 2 Content Plan (Masterclass)


4. Content Launch Secrets Masterclass - Day 3 Content Delivery (Masterclass + Webinar)


5. Content Launch Secrets Masterclass - Day 4 (Masterclass )


Access to Content Launch Secrets 1.0 (the original)

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