Week 4

Day 27: Leverage a Team For Growth

Lesson Overview

How to Leverage a Team to Allow You to Grow In The Long-Term
​What Would Leveraging a Team Free You Up To Do In Your Business?
The Opportunity Cost of NOT Running Your Own Team
In todays session we’ll be deep diving into the benefits of a team and why you need to be capitalizing on a team to help you grow and scale both your long-term content and your income from your podcast. 

We show you how you can create masses of content while paying for all of your podcast team and still earning a profit on top.
We’ll outline the KEY areas you should be focusing on to make sure you’re maximising your podcasts effectivness, without taking up all of your time!

How Long Should This Lesson Take?

Hiring key members of your team can take a lot of time. Writing out your team plan in the long-term is 1-2 hours. Your opportunity cost & what leveraging a team will allow you to do is a 30 minute task.

Homework Assignment...

Create a Long Term Team Plan
​Write Down What Leveraging a Team Would Free You Up To Do In Your Business
Write Down Your Opportunity Cost of Doing All of the Podcast Work

#TLDL - Too Long Didn't Listen

Hiring can be intimidating. We cover how to hire the key members of your team that'll free up all of your team. You can check out our Copy & Paste Hiring Assets to go in-depth or
Here is our list of important hires for your podcasts, including our expected costs in brackets:
Executive Assistant ($8/Per Hour) - Your executive assistant will be your go to for anything work related. Scheduling your interviews, making sure emails get sent, getting information from your guests & even scheduling your podcast episodes.
Podcast Editing ($25-$35/Per Episode) - Want to get your podcast episodes professionally edited, uploaded into your hosting and with your show notes written out? Look no further. Get setup with our Podcast Partner, Pod-blade who'll be happy to fulfil for you.
Audiogram Creator ($10/Per Episode) - Creating 15-45 second video clips from your podcast episodes is a great way to increase your awareness and promote your show. Our Podcast Partner, Pod-blade offers this service for $10 an episode.
Email Writing ($50+/Per 500 Word Email) - Writing emails both for your own audience and for your podcasts guests is one of the fastest ways to grow your audience on your podcast. Instead of writing out emails yourself, pay a copywriter to do it for you.
Graphic Designer ($30-$50/ Per Graphic) - Want custom graphics, email headers, facebook cover designs for your podcast guests to easily promote to their audience? Get yourself a designer to make the process as easy as possible.


1. Leveraging a team for growth



1. Leveraging a Team for Growth (Live Coaching Call)


Deep Dive Immersion Time Stamps

0:00:00 Call starts
0:00:02 Discussion about leveraging a team to free up your time to assist you in moving your business forward
0:02:30 Question - Does it matter when you post your Podcast episodes, days, times etc?
0:03:02 What is your Long Term Business Plan Strategy & who will be your key members of your team:
-Personal Assistant/Executive Assistant
-Audio editing?
-What is slowing you down?
-Where are you spending most of your time?
-Set a goal for who you want to hire in your team
0:05:30 Hiring Assets & how to hire someone
0:02:59 Call ends

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